Monastery Life

Dear, Mother. I have been hear in the monastery for almost a year now, and I love it.

Our Abbot is very kind but strict just as well. After I took the three vows, then I was to shave my head. I didn’t like that idea much but I am getting used to the new feeling of no hair, I love when the wind tickles the back of my neck as I walk. The Three Vows: 1. Obedience 2. Poverty 3.

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Chastity. When I first came I was shocked by the vows I had to take, but I soon got over that too. Today as I am writing this letter, I am wearing the same clothing I was given the very first day. A black Habit with a Cowl on the back. I don’t like having to wear this everyday and I’m still working on not complaining about that.

I have to get up at midnight and prey and then we go back to sleep till six in the morning. Once we are up we have a wonderful breakfast in the refectory or dining hall. After that I work out in the garden gathering what ever ripe and fresh. Mother it’s so wonderful when the weathers just right, the breeze is wonderful. There’s beautiful flowers growing out along the garden edges and a sparkling creek twists down our garden and off into the trees. I love gardening.

But we also have car panders and bakers, then we make sandals and habits and do the roads and heal. It’s quit wonderful. I am still learning to read and wright Latin, and I’m enjoying this very much. I have great news mother, I am going to be working for the king as a clerk! I was so happy by this that me and Brother Sam did a little happy dance. I got some funny looks from the Abbot but I think he understood my excitement.

My writing is getting better and I will be leaving to the king in only matter of weeks, perhaps when you get this letter I’ll be there. I don’t think I mentioned my cell. It is very uncomfortable because there’s no matrices or pillows aloud. It was very hard for me to go to sleep peacefully for the first few months. I tossed and turned constantly and muttered in my sleep, according to Brother Sam.

But don’t worry mother it’s not as bad as you think, and Brother Sam takes good care of me. He has become one of my very good friends at the monastery. Well I must be going now, Sister Anna and the other nuns will be coming for a visit in a while and I must be ready. I haven’t spoken to a nun yet and I’m kind of nerves. And I am still worried the king won’t want me as his Clerk, but I must be a man and face my future with a positive mind. I hope to see you very soon, Mother.

Love Brother Soul