My Life Free Essay Sample

Introduction: [The story revolves around the life of a 12 year old girl Preity who does not like the life in her new school. But something happened which made her like her new school. What is it? Read on to find out]. Today is 19th April 2015. This is my most eager day because I had recently shifted my school. I am a little new this day because I had a new school, new schoolbag, new school uniform and new schoolbooks.

I was thinking that it is the most beautiful day of my life. My reason for changing my school was that I and my family had been transferred to Mumbai recently. We had previously lived at Mussoorie. The local School at Mussoorie was a peculiar and shabby school, with the lowest standard of students to attend it. But, we were hopeless with our financial crisis.

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So, recently we had been going well when my father was told to transfer at Mumbai. Uncomplainingly, we moved on to our new residence. I was admitted at the best school for girls at Mumbai and we lived at the main town. Mumbai is said to be the heart and hometown of Bollywood- A film industry that churns out more films than any film industry in the world does. I had always wished to be an actress but sometimes I loose interest.

Anyway, today is my first day in my new school. It is in all- Girls school. The building was coloured in bright- Pink and windows held beautiful curtains. I fell in love with my new school all- at once. I am in class 7 now. The uniform was a white shirt and blue skirt.

The tie was a blue stripped striped one. I had looked very nice in this uniform. The school was an English- Medium, ICSE and Hostel attached boarding school. It had a canteen and was a upper secondary school. It had five or six branches and top educated teachers. I was feeling myself as the princess of a king studying at a very rich school.

1 But today is 21st June 2015. Somebody or someone has truly said- “Judge a thing by its qualities rather than its appearance”. This month shall complete 3 months in my new school. But strangely, I had friends in and out, but no one could give me the perfect company I wanted. Priya was the first girl who had smiled at me but now she is my worst enemy.

The reason is that I couldn’t find my textbook one day. I had asked everyone including Priya but no one could tell me about it. My mother is another short- tempered one. I told her to keep calm but she directly complained to the Principal about the theft. The day mother had complained about the theft, Priya rang me up and told that she had mistakenly taken my book.

So I could not see her. Now I realise that in my previous school, the students did not have money. But they can depart love and friendship. I once felt like crying for making this awful mistake. [Preity never discussed her problems with her family members, not even with her grandmother, whom she was so close.

She knew her grandmother could cry, her mother could become tensed and her father could complain to the Principal. A great problem could arise instead of going. Therefore, she bore all her troubles to herself]. I was surprised on 3rd October 2015. My previous school friend, Riya had come to study at my school. I told her my problems.

She was equally concerned. I couldn’t have asked for more. She brought me some pizza which I like so much. Now, I must feel my problem has come to an end. I have many friends but Riya is someone special. I am carefree and happy too.

17 years later Year- 2032 Preity works in a Press company. She never dreams of becoming an actress. She says now- “If there had been not for Riya, I have never felt the taste of school life again.” She is quite happy with her life and she may be like this for many more years to come.