Construction of a Safe Dumpsite

Proposal abstractSince June 11 1992, this problem of Anencephaly has been reported to be the leading cause of infant deaths as it has claimed close to five hundred deaths within a grace period of two months. We therefore wish to act swiftly towards the fight against this epidemic as it has been discovered that exposure to depleted uranium is one biggest cause.

Project IntroductionA community based dumpsite” safe disposal dumpsite” will be established away from the border between Brownsville cite in Texas and Matamoras in Mexico, in the country’s idle government land with a unique aim of improving hygienic conditions of both the Americans and the Mexican citizen, especially putting inconsideration the pregnant mothers who have been delivering infants with rare state of brain damage.Safe will ensure that, the necessary environmental measures are taken so as to prevent the alarming rise of deaths in the Northern part of Mexico. We are also in collaboration with the Mexican government, to make sure that they enact laws that are going to govern the procedures various firms have to comply with when carrying their waste to the dumpsite due to the nature of the waste as majority of them produce very toxic chemicals that has been gearing the deaths of these innocent humans.Once this project is initiated, we expect to conduct a very educative campaign to the firms in the Northern Mexico as well as to the Americans across the border so that we may work together as a team in encouraging safe dumping.Background of information In June 1992, so many children were born with one of very rare cases of sickness that has never been witnessed here in Mexico before.

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So many people started wondering the reason as to why they were giving birth to children with a state of brain damage. It is such a painful encounter as some of them are their first births, and soon after they give birth to their beautiful kids, they die hours later. The most important person in life of any mother is her son or daughter. Every day has been bringing clouds of tears to the citizens as we witness uncountable deaths of infants. Research has shown that, six babies have been born in six weeks with no brain. It has also been revealed by Dr.

komen, one of the scientists conducting the research that, the major cause of this problem is environmental, that has come up as a result of industrial revolution in Mexico.The project team will be led by Dr.Fred. He has the capability to oversee the proposed activities and together with Madam Martha have been in the front line towards preservation of environment in this country.Dr Fred together with the help of scientist Komen will conduct some research to see what environmental challenges we might face in while setting up our waste management project as well as some years to come. We are also considering business planning to determine the number of people we need to hire once the project is complete.

The reason behind this is that, some of these casual labors are earning less than a dollar per day and it would be a good employment opportunity to them.There are various goals that we intent to achieve. One major goal is, to save the lives of the dying infants. This issue of infants losing their lives is becoming so oblivious. These are the most important people in the society as they end up being the best leaders of tomorrow. We fear that, if urgent action is not taken, then in future there won’t be people to move this country after this generation passes.

Another goal we are aiming at achieving is to implement environmental laws. We intend to achieve this by talking to the government to improve laborers wages by setting minimum wage rules as well as advocating for employment of only experienced laborers as they have been getting very poor pay. This law will contribute much towards controlling poor dumping by inexperienced laborors. Our biggest and primary target in our project is the firms around the Northern Mexico, who have been dumping their waste anyhow and not considering the fact that, these wastes are toxic. We are also targeting the Government as we are working together with the minister for environment so that he may move a motion in the parliament to see the environmental laws tightened.For this project to be a success, we are considering conducting free lessons to various firms in order to educate them on the best ways of disposing their wastes from the firm premises to the dumpsite.

One of the reasons as to why I believe our project is the best is that, it will bring permanent solution to the people around here since the government appears to have neglected them. Another reason as to why this project is considered the best is due to the location it is going to be built. This place is not occupied by people.Available resourcesWe have got a big land that our company owns, and it is next to one of the government’s unutilized land far away from human presence. Our idea is we approach the government so that they may sell some part of this land to us for it will be large enough to be a dumpsite. Another resource we have is a building, which we intend to use in giving tutorials to our clients.

Needed resourcesWe need to employ some scientists, who are conversant with waste control measures as well as buying a fleet of trucks that will be collecting the waste from the firms, and also some chemical treatment equipments that will be reducing intoxication of the waste at the dumpsite.In the month July this year, we will advertise through the media the commencement of these free studies and mobilize people to come in large numbers as it is going to free and open to all the people. By the end of August, we will have finalized the details of land survey through the ministry of lands so that by September if the government accepts to sell us this piece of land we can start the site construction.Below is the estimated budget we anticipate to use.Estimated quantityPurchase of the government landPurchase of new trucks for garbage collection and chemical treatment equipmentsScientist salariesThis project is very going to be very helpful to the citizens since it not only favors the expectant mothers but also the whole country as we came to realize through the research conducted that, most of the water contained very toxic waste. This poses a very big threat to the people as it can cause water borne diseases such as cholera.

It is my hope that you will kindly consider our proposal so that we may save this country from further deaths and sufferings.Safe garbage collectors statementSafe garbage collectors is a non profit making firm that was established in the year 1989 following the untimely death of so many people of Matamoras due to the then cholera outbreak. The major aim was to offer services to the people such as waste collection and sewage treatment. To start it, we had invested USD$35million.though it is a young firm, we have seen so many advantages as we have created jobs to most jobless youths.Safe is based in Matamoras and has close to 100 staff members.

We pay them around US$40million per year with estimated expenses of around US$10million per month.