Consulting Case Studies

Individual business consulting is the most effective way to improve the quality of personal and professional relationships, gain the flexibility of thinking and improve business abilities.

Business Consulting Case Studies

Business consulting is advising on the organization, promotion, and development of the business.This is an opportunity to enhance personal and entrepreneurial effectiveness with the help of psychological mechanisms in such areas as planning and management, business optimization, logic and PR consulting, image consulting, concept development, organizational psychology, coaching, security psychology, building business communication, conflict management, corporate transaction support, stress resistance and others.A business consultant, as the name suggests, is a specialist who provides competent and effective advice to entrepreneurs on conducting their activity. His main task is to recognize the problem in business and to suggest ways of successfully overcoming it in the form of concrete solutions.

Precisely with this purpose, economic consulting case studies are developed.Having studied the state of affairs in the organization, the specialist conducts a comprehensive analysis of the situation, finds out the reasons for this or that problem and makes a set of recommendations for its solution. He develops consulting case studies with solutions in order to implement them in practice. Sometimes a consultant directly participates in the implementation of the solutions proposed by him to clarify their effectiveness and adjustments if necessary, bringing the project to a successful conclusion.Consulting case study frameworks include:

  • The initial assessment of the business in the organization as a whole and in detail – in finance, labor and material resources, production and innovation potential;
  • Identification of problems in trade activity;
  • Evaluation of the organization’s development prospects;
  • The analysis of the effectiveness of existing projects;
  • Development of recommendations for economic and material and technical improvement of the organization – offering specific actions, for example, attracting loans, changing the ratio of assets and liabilities, income and expenses, organizational structure, increasing production volumes and expanding sales markets;
  • Creation of new projects for the development of the company;
  • Preparation of materials for the creation of a new project;
  • Preparation of the financial and economic justification for the new business plan and its preparation;
  • Calculations of possible risks;
  • Consultations on the terms of concluded contracts, agreements, especially in large transactions;
  • Conducting training;
  • Close cooperation with the management and managing staff of the company on all issues.

Consulting Case Study Example: Developing Promotion Strategy

Business Consulting Case StudiesCompany X produces children’s clothes from environmentally friendly materials. It asked for help from a specialized company to get advice on how to promote its activities online. Strategy consulting case studies may include the following information.Planning the promotion of a new brand of clothing and focusing on “mundane” goals in the form of sales and profit growth, it is needed to take into account the characteristics that are peculiar to this niche:There is a great competition in online and offline.

It also makes it difficult to develop and promote the brand on the theory but forces it to fight for the customer and sales. However, the company X has is unique trading advantages that can be turned into real profit.There are high requirements for the presentation of goods online since it is bought without fitting. We need exhaustive information on the size, photos, reliable description of the composition and tissues. Without this, the promotion of the brand to the market will not yield results.The initial thing to start form is a virtual sales point.

There are two options for this: cooperation with large resources and/or creating your own online store.The most advantageous and used option today is the creation and promotion of own site and brand on the market. This requires certain investments at the start and does not guarantee an immediate return.A competent marketing plan for brand promotion is needed. Using modern technology, it is much easier to promote the brand of clothing. These tools include:

  • SEO;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • SMM;
  • PR promotion of the clothing brand;
  • Reputation management in the network;

Content plays an important role in the development of marketing strategies for brand promotion.

The following principles of its compilation will provide advantages for promotion:

  • The informative content of the texts is the basis for promoting clothing brands on the Internet;
  • The availability of interactive support, in the form of an online consultant, high-quality photos and videos give an increase in conversion;
  • It is necessary to decrease fears to buying, quality and money back guarantees, certificates, awards can help to do this;
  • Bonuses, discounts, additional content such as videos, 3D reviews are a good help in promoting the brand, achieving business goals.

One site, even promoted in search engines, is not enough. To promote the brand of clothing through the Internet it is necessary to ensure the presence of the business in social media. Live communities with quality content, hash tags with a mention of the brand, high-quality pictures in Instagram will include the formation of loyalty.