Convert to the Metric System

The metric system is a measurement system that was designed to be easy to use and learn.

There are fewer measurements in the metric system to learn. The metric system is based on tens instead of twelves. For example one liter is ten times larger than a deciliter, and a centigram is ten times larger than a milligram. The metric system is more useful than the imperial system and the United States should switch to the metric system. The United States needs to convert to the metric system.

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The metric system is the universal system that almost every country in the world uses. There are only three countries in the world that still use the imperial system, Liberia, Myanmar, and The United States of America. If we don’t switch to the metric system eventually the other few that use the imperial system will eventually switch and we the United States will be left behind. We’re already being grouped with two countries who we don’t really want to be on a team with. They are countries with governments that are really dictators, where people are not free.

That’s not how the United States wants to be seen. In 1999 Nasa cost themselves a $125 million Mars Orbiter because they failed to convert to the metric system properly, so the U.S. not converting to the metric system cost Nasa quite a bit of money. If the United States were to convert to the metric system it would make communication between citizens, the military, and scientists simple. The Mars Orbiter came within roughly thirty-seven miles of the surface of Mars.

Simulations show that any lower than an altitude of fifty-three miles and the atmospheric friction would rip the Orbiter to pieces. When you’re working in a lab you need to use exact measurements and that’s where the metric system comes in. If scientists learned the metric system to begin with there would be fewer mistakes involving measurements. Converting to the metric system will make traveling that much easier. It could be intimidating for someone who grew up with the imperial system to travel to Europe.

It could be the same way with people in European countries. Say someone has family in the U.S and they want to visit them but are afraid of getting lost. Converting should take that stress away and make traveling in a European country easy. There are many reasons that the United States should convert to the metric system.

The metric system would make one single measurement system so there would be fewer mistakes due to conversions. Travel will become easier. The United States is getting left behind. It’s time to convert.