AY Assuming Case Study

IT changes, If any, are required to Implement your changes? AY Assuming that the person who Is In charge of receiving the drop offs doesn’t handle data entry within the old process.

I believe an IT change Is necessitated to emplace a change to an additional person as a new user In the pharmacy information system and give them authorization to access the data entry functions. In addition, moving the insurance verification to happen after the data entry, requires a hang in the order of screens associated to the step process.

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Being that the employee who works at the window needs sufficient information about the order to respond to the customers, they too need access into the pharmacy information system. Again, this is to enable an overview of what’s in motion with the scripts and to be able to inform why the order is being delayed or incomplete. Possibly adding an additional field to the system, in which requires users to leave comments made on prescription updates.

Q. How can you be sure that the new process you propose will be an improvement over the existing one?

How can you be sure that it wont make things worse? AY. )A proper evaluation can be conducted between two different C.V. pharmacies, overgrowing the process compared with the old and new processes. The evaluation should last no less than a month and the pharmacies selected should experience similar traffic flows.

In conclusion, there will be questionnaires involving all of the employees, and performance comparisons to see which pharmacy filled more scripts. This new process will be cause any harm or create more work for the employees. Ultimately the pharmacists will need to review all Information and make a detailed decision. Q. ) What groups, If any, are likely to have problems with your proposed solution? How will you deal with their objections? AY. ) Most likely the employees who are In charge of receiving the drop-offs may feel overwhelmed with the new data entry process being that they have never had access to ten system Detour.

I Nils cool a De solved Dye developing a snort trailing program hat is easy to understand and will make the employees comfortable using the information system.

Adapting to anything new, takes practice to become comfortable with it. The employees who used to do the data entry and insurance checks may need to accept new responsibilities, due to the fact that more technicians can do their Job now. They can help with other process, such as loading medicine into bottles, or managing drug inventories. Initially customers may not like the new system, especially if the new users are slow or the system is working out glitches.

More time waiting, will certainly make them upset.

To solve this matter, the employees need to notify the customers as they arrive and make them aware that a new system has been emplace and their patience is appreciated. Q. ) How will you ensure that there’s no backsliding – that there won’t still be wooden boxes in use six months from now? How can technology be used to prevent on inhibit backsliding? AY. ) To prevent backsliding, the IT system can be used to confirm that each step in the new process must be completed before allowing moving on to the next step.

An example would be for the pharmacists to perform the DIR, there needs to be certain information entered about the customers during the data entry. Another step would require the window employees to update the customer report before giving the medication to them, this helps customer data continuum, thus increasing customer service. Make these fail prove simple mandatory data entries will ensure that the pharmacy will run smoothly and the customer will be receive the best service possible. Q. Does SSI represent a significant opportunity for C.

V.? Would improving customer service be of significant financial benefit to the company? AS. ) Having the data entry complete when the customer is present will certainly clarify the necessary information about the customer such as his/her contact information, insurance information, and employer. After the necessary data entries are made, then the insurance check will be initiated. This will develop greater face- to-face customer interactions, which will comb out unexpected insurance payments.

Thus, will stop all unauthorized refills and scripts not paid by insurance and the customer satisfaction will rise.

In the end the customer will have had all of the opportunity they wanted to ask any and all questions to the pharmacy. The mandatory entries and internal communication will eliminate any conflicts between the pharmacists and technicians. SSI represents a significant opportunity here in helping improve C.V..

In the long run, there will be more happy customers, which means more service, and more scripts filled. Yes there will be more money made by the pharmacy if this new system is emplace.