Cyber Schools

Cyber School is an institution that primarily teaches courses through online methods and compared to traditional learning they offer better services. After going through the merits and demerits of traditional learning and Cyber School and comparing them I have concluded that cyber schools are better than traditional schools (Zucker & Kozma, 2003). Cyber schools make the learning process easy for the people in that they bring education to the public unlike traditional universities which deliver the public to the education (Fioriello’s). This means that people in Cyber School get all the information they need rom the internet while sitting hence making work easier contrasting from traditional learning where one needs to go to school to get educated which is quite tiresome.Time factor is very important when it comes to education, there are full time learners and part time learner’s and both groups want to learn. In Cyber School one saves a lot of time compared to traditional learning where they waste a lot of time moving from the residential areas to the school.

In Cyber School one only needs to sit down and log on to the website and start learning. Education is offered in different institutions, which are situated in differrent areas so it becomes very tedious for a person studying far away from home because they have to travel every now and then. The advantage of going to a cyber-school is that one can study from anywhere in the world, and in your own preferred space.Cyber schools give an opportunity to lower-income kids by offering education that is cheap compared to traditional learning where tuition fee and hostels is needed. In the world, people are diverse but, despite all the differences all people deserve a chance to get an education.

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For Cyber School only the tuition fee is needed hence offering a better chance to these students.