Dangerous backpacks

It’s the first day of school, and you’re so excited! You’re getting ready for the day, looking all pretty with a new outfit for the day. You start to eat breakfast and get ready to walk to school. While you put your backpack on with four big textbooks inside, you notice how heavy it is. Instantly, you fall forward from the amount of weight. With severe pain, you throw your book bag to the floor.

Carrying an over weighted backpack can result in many spinal issues, adding many other injuries, and many tips preventing injuries. Would you want to have spinal issues throughout your life? According to Dr. Bill Davis, “Students back injuries are now widespread. 96% of the pupils monitored regularly haul much too heavy a pack on their back.” Due to the homework given by teachers, many kids may have to carry heavy backpacks. The ideal backpack weighs about one third of the child’s weight so there’s not as much strain and stress on their backs or necks.

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Kids occasionally don’t pay much attention to the weight of their backpack, because they take it off at school anyways. Teens, on the other hand, carry around their backpacks throughout the school day. Most of teen’s book bags are loaded with everything they need for the whole day. Also, if they do extracurricular activities after school, they have to carry a separate bag for their equipment plus their backpack. Latham2 Teens tend to do reckless things to get injuries, but carrying a heavy backpack and getting hurt is a total downfall. Children will have such a heavy backpack that it could cause them to fall over and break a couple of bones because they can’t balance themselves.

According to Kids’ Backpacks 101, most of the injuries caused by the heaviness of backpacks are not long-term damages. In addition, make sure your child is carrying the right amount on his or her backs. If you’re looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, then there are some tips that will teach you how to carry your backpack free of hassle. First, learn out to pack the backpack properly. Second, wear both straps because if you only wear one, there will be more stress on one shoulder than the other. Third, try to get thicker straps, which will not dig into your shoulders.

Lastly, make sure that the backpack weighs 10% of your body weight. Get rid of all the extra books and carry what you absolutely need. All of these are keys to reduce back pains and bad back positions. Backpacks can only be dangerous if you aren’t aware of spinal issues, other injuries they may cause and how to prevent anything from happening to you. You can change how you carry your backpack. You can change the shaping of your back.

You can change any outcomes that start from carrying a backpack.