Data Collection

Choice point as a data brokerage company in Alpharetta. The company virtually stores data and personal information for the majority in United States. The company enhances privacy and security of their client’s data. They experienced hackers to their data base that lead to access to personal information.

This affected them tremendously. Choice point is one of the best data storage companies. Choice point operates on the principle of making the world secure and more importantly safer. Choice point has built the reputation on data storage and safety. The company has many clients including insurance companies, banks, landlords, law firms, and money brokers.

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The company stores vital documents such as certificates for their client. (Bacal, 2005) Choice point generates a lot of revenue by creating governmental and corporate reports for customers. The company has gone a step ahead by computerizing all data dissemination and collection procedures that have led to a safer and smarter world. Business undertakings and transactions are secure and quicker mainly when parties involved are in agreement while using choice point than on individual transaction of business. (Chu, 1987) Furthermore, due to centralization of all personal information in one computer, insurance policies, credit cards, loans, housing rentals and job appliction are much easier.

Also, it has reduced costs and in turn benefiting customers by combating fraud in companies that deal with credit cards and banks by having the ready information at hand. Cost significantly reduces if companies agree use of reports in choice point. This eliminates chances of hiring problematic and non-skilled employees. Having access to public information from choice point reports, law regulation and enforcement institutions can solve and prevent crimes. This is easier other than using surveillance, and eavesdropping methods since choice point is capable of collecting critical and crucial information that governmental agencies can never access due to laws on public sector privacy.

Though honored for it beneficial services, choice point has also ragged behind due to various harms. Alleged that choice point contributed to theft, commonly known as ‘data rape’ to about 8.3 million clients. That amounted to approximately 3.7 percent of adults in America widely affects majority pocketbook and sense of security. In addition, all clients who have experienced data rape may poses delayed access to their bank accounts, debt collector harassment, credit denial and hassle in clearing their credit registers.

In most cases, establishing the proportion of personal information would be accessed by the identity thief. Though personal informatiion stored by choice point would be as termed secure. It is extremely hard to determine the process through which the thieves used to access the information since it would be stolen by personal acquaintances and family members. ( Bacal, 2005) Thirdly, though choice point assures clients for secure and privacy storage of personal information and data. Personal information would be released through unknown means to the general public. That makes it unreliable this has seen it as a great threat to security and privacy.

In turn use of choice point, as storage for personal information and data has built insecurity and jeopardized privacy since the information is everywhere for anyone in need with it. This has resulted to information damage by hackers, which may result to termination of the involved individual’s life. This would be termed as the violation of one’s privacy sphere. ( Bacal, 2005)In my opinion for every business to succeed today, personal collection of data must be put into consideration. This is because having all time available information can be a cheap technique and also assists in the analysis of data to view previous trends of data in the business. Secondly, using interviewing as a way of research data collection for business is critical for both illiterate and literate people.

Lastly, personal collected data for business is trustable. ( Bacal, 2005)