I believe that High School T.E.C and out of school suspension are pointless Punishments for three reasons: Being in T.E.C or being put out of school prevents the student from an education and most likely some students will not complete their missing assignments putting them behind in school.

Also for some students they are repeated “offenders” showing that this form of punishment is not preventing some students from repeating their actions or other actions, which tells me no lesson is being learned. And last, These consequences are treated as a joke. As an example some students don’t mind getting T.E.C or suspended. As I quote, a student told me, “I don’t care If I get T.

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E.C or whatever because to me it is just a vacation from school, i feel as if i’m getting rewarded really.” First hand I know (because i have been in T.E.C for no I.D) as I sat in the room most kids were sleeping or listening to their Ipods, even some chatted on their phones.

The T.E.C supervisor offered to pass around a sheet so the students could ask for their homework for today. 4 out of 26 kids asked for their homework the rest continued with their “activities”. Even though some students asked for their homework they didn’t receive it.

I know because i asked for mine and didn’t get any, and later when I asked my teachers why I didn’t receive my work they said no one told them i had requested any. That shows sometimes the supervisors don’t MAKE sure students get their work. Kids are deprived of learning, although some students don’t really care and maybe in class they’d do the same thing, sleep, talk or just not pay attention but at least in class they’d have the opportunity. The point of T.E.C and suspension is to teach a lesson.

It’s meant to say “Hey what you did was wrong and we are going to do this so you don’t do it again.” although to some students it comes across as ” What you did was wrong so hey lets give you a break from school.” If we really want to teach lesson we should maybe do something constructive like for T.E.C maybe students could go outside and pick up trash or do something else help for school. And obviously if we have repeated “offenders” then the students that repeat constantly aren’t gaining anything for the so-called punishment.

They are actually losing because they have it in their brains “It doesn’t matter if I get in trouble I’ll just get T.E.C or get suspended, It’s nothing.” when it should be “I don’t want to get in trouble BECAUSE I might get T.E.C or suspended.

” so we must be doing something wrong. As I’ve clearly stated in paragraph 2 These punishments are treated lightly as jokes. To some it just doesn’t matter if they get in trouble and it shouldn’t be that way. This school needs to be more..

. lets say creative….

when it comes to these things. Lets get kids in class and build morals at the same time. Or make sure kids get their work. I know we can only go so far and the rest is up to the student, but if we don’t give opportunities it’s like giving up on them. High school drop outs are in a high percentage in the last 5 years and make if we didn’t just dump kids out of class which is like saying “We don’t care, so you shouldn’t either.” Punishment shouldn’t be fun, nor should it been un-constructive either.

And at our school to some, getting suspended and T.E.C is a proud label to wear. I care about everyone at this school, the people I know and those I don’t. And the point of my essay is not to have harder punishments, i’d just like to strict up what we have so when these students get out into the world they think “since trouble was my friend in High School it must be my friend now.

” and really this world will eat you alive. So what we give the students now will be with them forever. So shouldn’t we give them the building blocks they need? yeah i realize we can only push so far. But we’ll give them the blocks and what they build with them is up to them, if we give up on the “trouble makers” they will give themselves.