Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher or a tutor ?

Nowadays, there are various ways of learning. But all these can divided into two specific groups. That is : self-learning and being taught by a teacher / tutor. What I prefer if I were to choose is self-learning . There are some reasons led me to my preference.

First of all , if a teacher was to teach me, he would most likely makes my knowledge confined to what he knows. This means I will be fully dependent on his knowledge. But if I study on my own (study on my own means self-study, study by myself can have the meaning that you have no friends or choose to be alone, etc…

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) , I would make my own efforts to gain knowledge. This method allows myself to broaden my knowledge without limit. Secondly, self-learning is better because you never forget something you learn the hard way. For instance, if a math teacher shows me how to calculate a problem using the methods by using his method, I will be using the only method to solve that specific problem. I will be stuck with his way of solving the problem.

But if it is just me calculating that , I can use my knowledge gained from other many sources, and I may find easier ways to solve the problem. Last but not least , I may dislike a teacher and lose my enthusiasm for the subject because I may dislike the way he teaches. Even though I prefer self-learning over having a teacher or tutor. I do realize that it may or may not be the best way to expand my knowledge. Therefore I have to balance myself.