Do you think we should have more study halls?

Have you ever come home from school or work and had a boat load of work? I’m sure that you have, and I’m sure it was tiring after, wasn’t it? I feel the same after I do my pile of homework and I’m sure the rest of the students feel the same. And I think it should change by having more study halls to reduce the homework and being tired after school. I also think our school should have more study halls, because a lot of the kids in our school are having a hard time in class and don’t get what the teachers are teaching. It wont be hard.

It could be held any were in the school, In the library, a class room, or even the lunch room, for after school kids. And if we have more study halls kids could have a chance to catch up on work or tests that are due or their make up work. Also if the kids finish they could read or go and see what their grades are and if there not to good they could ask the teacher how they could bring up their grades. We have the teachers to do it to. Any teacher could teach what they wonted then let the students have a study hall before the end of class. And teachers could do work too, like grade test papers, homework papers or get homework papers ready for the next day.

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They could clean out their desks or organize papers and folders anything . Or If the teacher has nothing to do then he or she could make a work sheet for kids that are done and maybe count it as extra credit for their class. It could help with kids grades to, instead of a 0 on a paper it could be a 70 if they fixed it up. That could add on a few points to their class grade. And if the teacher says it’s OK they could fix more papers that are not so good to bring it up their grade. Kids would be able to do all their work and you would see a huge improvement on kids being in on honers and high honers.

More kids would be able to do sports and school activities which means more of undefeated sessions. and I’m sure every kid wont’s to play a sport go and have fun but how are they suppose to do that when they are doing school work ya it is important to do school work but I’m sure that they wont to have fun and get good grades at the same time. I really think we should have more study halls, for our future later on In life. Give us a hand pick us up and give us another chance to get back on the right track and lead us to were they need to be I’m sure the parents of these kids wont the best for them so give us another chance to get the best for us. For us your students Sincerely , dirtbiker4life