Dolce And Gabbana Case Study

A globally recognized Italian fashion brand, Dolce & Cabana (D&G) failed to manage the crisis which was originally started by a security guards taking action to prevent a Hong Kong People from taking photo outsides Its store window. The security guard stated that that only Mainland Chinese or foreign tourists were allowed to take photos outside the store, which implied discrimination to the locals, it raised up the public anger of the Hong Kong people.

This incident eventually ends up on international headlines and nearly one thousand locals protesting and arising the shop. Under this particular circumstance, D&G fails to give a timely response to the public and underestimated the power of media.

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The delayed first statement issued by D&G did not satisfy and was not accepted by Hong Kong people, further worsen the situation. The statement gives an impression of their insincerity that D&G is not willing to apologies and will not give further explanation to It.

Also, Social media has accelerated the speed that Information about a crisis can spread. D&G then failed to prevent the Issue turning Into an actual crawls. A timely response would show the aspect and concerns of the company to the Incident and their customers; It would helps to reduce the level of dissatisfaction and anger of Hong Kong people.

From the angle of public relation, taking action publicly before the disaster happens could minimize the negative impact on the company’s image.

Good intention to flux the problem ( I m not sure what could I talk about under the public relation ) D could actually grab the chance in turning a crisis to an opportunity, the crisis management mantra of Allan Davis is to “Tell it Early, Tell it All, Tell it Yourself”, allowing this mantra D could probably minimize the negative influence on their company. Firstly, D should take great interest in what happened, and demonstrate it publicly. It would carry out the sense that the company is constantly dealing with the incident.

The response time is a direct indicator of how much the company values their customers. With each passing second, a wall Is building up between the company and their customer.

Therefore, D could have held a press conference or make a public announcement within a reasonable time. In this way it would reduce he level of dissatisfaction to the general public, with clear explanation or even a formal apology regarding to the Incident, and avoid worsening the negative Influence on the company’s image.

In order to turn the crisis into an opportunity, D&G should teen snow a Tallow-up gesture to ten locals, to prove now committee teeny are to tenet long-term business. D&G should demonstrate the extraordinary effort they are willing to make in order to keep the locals happy, and promise that it will never happen again, this would be an action to win back multiple local customers and the company’s image.