Dominos VS. Little Caesars

Dominos VS. Little Caesars Your walking into a small pizza shop, and you can smell the fresh pepperoni being cut up, as well as garlic and other seasonings getting tossed onto the warm pizza straight from the oven. You take a second to think about what you want, enjoying almost every option on the menu, and you come up and say you would like one medium cowboy pizza. The clerk smiles and says that it will be right up, while you walk outside to get your walet.

You come back in and pay for the pizza and leave feeling gratified and excited to eat your new pizza with your family. This is only one pizza place, some other pizza places have a similar feel though, two pizza places that fit this description are Domino’s pizza and Little Caesars. Although they have many similarities, here are some of the differences. First of all, Dominos has very good quality pizza, but some other factors make the overall experience not as good. One way that it can make the experience a little worse is that when you order a pizza you have to wait for the pizza to be prepared, made, cooked, and delivered, or you might drive there to pick it up. Another way that the experience drops a little is that the prices are a little higher than some of the other pizza places out there, it is $15 to buy a large pizza.

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The way that they make up for this is their quality of pizza, they have delicious crust as well as excellent seasoning. Dominos have a lot of choices to choose from, just a plain cheese pizza to a 25 pizza order of a 40 topping pizza (if you can afford it.) All of those are some things that Dominos have but little Caesars does not have. Second of all, Little Caesars have alright quality pizza for a very “cheap” place. The pizza at little Caesars is, alright. They have hard crust as well as a little amount of sauce, but overall everything is pretty good.

Another thing that really boosts Little Caesars is that you can just walk in, grab a pizza and pay for it, and walk out. As well as the pizza and the accessibility, the prices are very affordable. Some of the prices range from $5 for a pepperoni pizza and $12 for a Deep! Deep! Dish pizza. Those are some things that are different than Dominos. Even though that Dominos and Little Caesars are different in many ways, but they are still both pizza places and still have many similarities.

Dominos and Little Caesars both have good service and a good experience while ordering pizza there. Each of the pizza places can bepicked up which is a good quality because you don’t have to do anything until you go and drive to the place and pick it up, then you just drive back to your house to eat the wonderful thing. Another thing that makes the experience that much better is that they always seem to get the pizza correct, never failing to get all the toppings you want as well as keeping off the ones you don’t. Each of them have good prices from the smallest amount being around 5 dollars to the highest being around $15. One of the final things that really makes going to either of those pizza places far more superior than some of the other ones is that they have fantastic customer service.

When you want to order something they will (usually, as with every other establishment there will be some people who are just awful) be nice and perfectly swell to talk to. So now your driving back to your house, the warm smell of the pizza rising up through the air in the car. You step out of the car so you can walk into your house and gently place the warm cardboard box on your counter, you open it and feel the warmness floating up and onto your face. Cowboy, perfect. You take a slice out of the pizza with some of the cheese still connected to the rest. Now you can put it on a plate and enjoy.

All of these are some differences and some similarities of some of the best pizza places