Don’t Under Estimate Me

People think small things can do no damage, apparently they haven’t heard of plagues. Natural disasters happen naturally and cause a catastrophe and a plague is the worst to have to endure. Plagues are completely unstoppable, but, on occasion, be avoided, whether it’s a highly contagious fatal disease or a swarm of insects. Plagues are caused by rats carrying diseases, but also insects increasing their numbers preparing to raid.

Killer ants, yah, it may be much of a title but, these truly carnivorous monsters eat any living being to cross their paths. Be aware locusts may only plants but they will try to eat and with their strong jaws they can be successful. If you live off the land this is your worst nightmare. The black plague has killed more people than any earthquake, hurricane, etc. The black plague killed Europe’s population rounding off to 450 million deaths.

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A single locust can ruin a farmers business witch causes a chain reaction destroying the economy, and not be able to provide food for animals and people. The best way to survive an insect plague is to live someplace where either there is an impossible living climate for insects or a place where there is no known insect plagues. To prevent a viral (virus or disease) plague you may want exclude yourself from society a, stay clean, and with high chance you not be contaminated by future plagues. If you do get infected by any new plagues for the god of the community quarantine yourself you may die but you may save thousands. Every plague can change life, economy, and even ecosystems. Next time you go to kill a bug think of this, “what would it do to you if it had the power.” Thank your doctors as well those shots are for a reason.