Emerald Ash borer

Around the United States ash trees have been cut for flooring, lumber, and furniture. While shipping these trees, the emerald ash borer has the ability to spread. Now you can ship them, but why would you want to continue the spread of insects that are killing trees? By cutting them down while they are still alive, or by seeing your tree has emerald ash borer and not trying to save it.

By selling or distributing firewood you can also increase the spread of emerald ash borer. The different things about the emerald ash borer are how they got to the United States, and characteristics of the insects.Minnesota has the largest number of ash trees out of all the United States. All ash trees being susceptible to emerald ash borer. Once the trees have it they can die within the first two years of obtaining it. You can give your trees some treatments to extend their life.

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Typically, when the trees get emerald ash borer, the top leaves will start to thin out. Most of the pictures I have seen of the thinning of their leaves is very noticeable. In one area all the leaves are gone, but in another area the leaves will be very thick. Ever since the spread of emerald ash borer tens of millions of trees have been killed. Once the insects are in the area you live in it is hard to stop them from spreading.

Many people have taken some sort of measures to help stop them in their area. Like establishing double-decker traps or girdled traps, these traps help prevent emerald ash borer from getting into their trees. Emerald ash borer was first know to come from Asian countries and Russia. In 2002 near Detroit, Michigan, it was first discovered.When the trees get emerald ash borer they make a very small hole, about the size of a pencil. Sometimes there are a few holes other times there are numerous.

While I was researching the emerald ash borer I found out that they can only fly a few miles each year before finding a home to lay their larva. The insects start as eggs then hatch turning to larva, the larva are a whitish color. Most of the adult insects are a shimmering greenish color. When they are in the larva and adult stage, it is most damaging to the tree. Emerald ash borer are a nutrient sucking insect, they will mostly strain the nutrients flow throughout the tree. They also can cut water and other moistures off too.

Inside it looks like squiggly lines up and down the tree when infested, so if you were to cut a section out you’d see that. Everything I have learned about the emerald ash borer’s origin and how the trees are susceptible to getting it. I think that learning about how trees can get emerald ash borer and how quickly it has been spreading across the United States is important to know about. Ash trees are a large part of Minnesota’s tree population and if all of them got it just think all the trees affected by something so small and what some may think to be harmless. I hope everything I have said is going to help you save your ash trees.