What Patriotism Means to Me


I never know except when I traveled with an American Airline to United States with different flowers from different trees travelling,whichwere treated and respected as if they were from a single plant.Love and equality was there for everyone because we traveled with an airline from the village of peace and unity ,United States of America. I never knew untillI saw everyone standing for the tree which represents peace and unity with colors:red,blue and white together with bright shining stars of freedom and unity.Every time I see this tree reminds me of those history and reality proposed to have fought for peace and wisdom which every flower enjoys today.I then said, “may their legacy live on, for they foughtthe bee that was biting the tree that everyone looking forward to having a fruit from,United States Of America”.

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I never knew except when I saw different people with different beliefs,values,religion,and hope accepting each other’s ideas and sharing equal opportunities without looking to the differences weather spiritual,social,or scientific just like how flower receive sunlight and water for their continuity of growth and development without any complaint of how small or big they are.I Said, ‘that is the outcome of suffering from the past.For they suffered to plant the tree,United States Of America.’ I never knew except when I saw the greyish-brown flower shaking hands with the blue colored flower without discrimination followed by peace and respect not thinking of which specific type of tree they came from.I also saw the two colored flowers sharing the same sunshine and water to grow in order to bear fertile fruit for thebeautiful tree of wisdom and respect,United States Of America. I now know what this tree stands for and how different colored flowers work together to produce fertile fruit that other trees also enjoy.I had a conclusion that when this tree falls ,more other trees will eventually fall.Sweet tree that evengrows sweet meats! Liberty!United States Of America!