What it Means to Be Human

Humans are mostly defined by their cultural aspects. The most important the ability to believe in things without evidence, the ability to make tools, the ability to elect one to power, we are capable of communicating through language and art, we have a curiosity that allows us to solve problems, and we are social and live in groups together. As humans we always aspire to be in groups.

We rely on other to fulfil needs we cannot attain. As humans we require a central power of who we follow and trust. Humans are curios and are always developing questions about the natural world which we strive to answer. As humans we communicate to express our ideas to others there are two main ways we do this through visual and tactile art, and addible language. One of the most important things about humans is we are capable of having spiritual beliefs which unites as a single group, but this is quickly being lost.

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