What PREP Means to Me

Most students think that summer school is boring, lame, and maybe the most evil and diabolical thing man has ever created. It’s like a torture device, sticking its metal poles into your brain for eight hours a day. Kids would like to stay at home, watching TV shows than studying. PREP is learning math and science in a college atmosphere; school in the summer. So what is so special about PREP and why do 2,000 plus students sacrifice their summers year after year for it? How different could it be from summer school? Well for starters, PREP students go to a college and study with other intelligent students.

Summer school is the opposite of that. At PREP, the terms nerd and geek are good things. Nerds get to meet other nerds and don’t have to worry about slackers. We learn about different careers we might be interested in through career investigation otherwise known as” the speaker time”. The fist speaker year 3 students met was an engineer who worked for the Frito Lay Company. His presentation was great and so were his incentives : lays chips. There was another speaker who pretended to not know how to platy the accordion but after the whole act, he played us a couple songs including “the PREP song” which was fun to sing along to. We’ve all taken Problem Solving which was a really difficult class for me because I’m not the best at math but after a while, I got better and that really made me happy how I learned all of that in a couple of 4-day weeks. Year 3 students also took Probability and Statistics, which was also very exciting and rewarding. Another class we took was technical writing, which was a really fun class because all we did was write and to me writing is fun.

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If you don’t know if you would like to continue your studies with PREP, let me open your mind for a minute or so. If you like math, science, and fun, stay in PREP. If you want to get your brain ready for the next school year, see yourself ten times smarter, learn many new things, build a toothpick bridge, fly homemade kites, maybe get a high school credit, be smarter than most of your class next year at school, or meet new people and even go to NASA for a whole day, stay in PREP because I guarantee you that you will love being in PREP and you will do the things I just said and more. Who wouldn’t want to go to nerd heaven for a month and a half? PREP means a lot of things to me such as a way to meet other kids who want the best for themselves knowledge wised, that I am working to achieve my dreams, that I will do something great in my future, and that I will make my life meaningful and not be a drug dealer on the streets. PREP helped me be more outgoing and smarter because of the classes I’ve taken and people I’ve met. I think that everyone who has the opportunity to take PREP, they should do it because of the many benefits it has, I’ve made new friends and my brain has gotten stronger and smarter.

How awesome is PREP?