What the Flag Means

With its brilliant red and white stripes waving through the air, and its stars shining brightly, the American flag stands as a symbol of individuality. Americans, coming in all colors, shapes, and sizes, create a proud nation sewn together by acceptance. The unique and exciting characteristics that shape us into our individual selves are represented by the stars and stripes waving so proudly in the air.

Walking down the street in New York City, I pass a woman dressed in fancy work clothes and pearls, her heels clacking against the pavement as she hurries to a meeting. Just seconds later, I walk past a young man with tattoos and a lip piercing selling hotdogs from a cart to two eager children. Down the sidewalk, I pass two college students dressed in sweatpants, texting on their cell phones. On my left, a woman with brilliant pink hair walks her dog on a jeweled leash. Each person I pass has a different style, personality, and life, which reminds me of how the United States flag represents the togetherness of our country, despite our differences. But as I continue to walk along the street, there’s one thing that remains the same between each of the individuals–acceptance.

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The woman with pink hair thinks no less of the working lady with pearls. The children purchasing a hot dog from the man with tattoos don’t stare at the designs inking his body. Looking into interactions between these people gives me a microscopic look at what is going on around the country– acceptance of the differences that make us who we are. America is a melting pot, a hodge-podge of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. There are people of different races, people dressed in wide varieties of clothing styles, and millions of people experiencing life differently. However, the one thing that remains constant is the acceptance of others around us.

And to me, that is what the United States flag stands for. Our United States flag is a symbol of the differences that come together to create our proud country.