What the Flag Represents

The American Flag stands for the American people and t stands for a nation brought together by freedom.

The flag represents democracy, individualism, freedom, and more. The American flag is substantially more than just a flag it’s part of the American idea, and it’s part of the freedom that brings this country together. Why do we remove our hats and cover are hearts with our right hand when we say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem? We do this as a sign of respect for our country and are thankfulness for our freedom. We do it as a tribute to those who came before us and who sacrificed their lives for ours. Everyday I am thankful I live in a country that does not restrict the way I think. As an American citizen I can be who I want, act how I want and say what I want.

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There are no limits to what i can think or accomplish. I love living in a country that I can control my own future. I love living in a country that no matter what race or religion we are we can live and do whatever it is we want. The flag represents the United States of America, the 50 states and the millions of people brought together by an idea. The idea of freedom liberty and the pursuit of happyness. All represent by one red white and blue flag.