What it Means to be a ;Passionate Snob;

“It’s pronounced Van Gokh”. To me this is a natural instinct. To everyone around me, this correction is petty and something only a pseudo-culturally refined person would fuss over.

But when this ‘snob’ corrects you, I assure you, it’s from the bottom of my passionate, douchey, heart.To me, the word snob has always had a negative connotation. But if it means defending vinyl with my life, I’ll accept my title as a snob of the passionate nature. It’s my lifestyle. My love for literature, visual art, and old music has greatly influenced the person I am and want to become someday. It all started with my father.

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He’s always been the sensitive type and enriched my childhood with the best music. Sometimes he’d tell me excitedly to listen to a certain Karen Carpenter song and then he would continue to quiz me at the end. But my first love affair began with the lyrics “Picture yourself on a boat in a river..”. My favorite music has always been from artists born before our parents.

I grew up on the stuff and never got enough of it. The Beatles influenced my personality greatly. I saw things with the imagination of John Lennon, even without the psychedelic drugs. Yes, liking oldies doesn’t seem like such a snobby thing, but when I start quoting Cat Stevens, people start labeling me as such. It sure is a wild world.

If there’s one thing hip teenagers hate, it’s books. (Wow, can I sound more like a grandpa?)While other kids grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I spent my timereading books beyond their level. And surely enough, I was looked down upon for it. Apparently kids don’t like it when you constantly quote Neruda or try to share your thoughts on the works of Charles Bukowski. With books being your best friend, you can’t help but have a stronger vocabulary than others and well..

.I wasn’t very popular in 5th grade. Reading has always been a great passion of mine. If anyone ever ridicules you for reading, just remember this quote from George R.R. Martin.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Art is my home. My undying passion for Impressionism started when I was in 4th grade where it was required that we study some of the great impressionistic artists. Of course I discovered Van Gogh and Monet and instantly fell in love.

From then on, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for art. My teenaged counterparts couldn’t care less for it, yet, I can proudly say that I’d rather be at an art museum than at some party. Art enriches the soul and captures the mind. I’ve stared at the same paintings in books for years and will still find myself breathless when I encounter them in person. Visual art has the capability of reducing my most complex emotions into eraser dust.

It is ever so overwhelming to walk into my favorite room at the Honolulu Art Museum and stare endlessly into the few paintings they have of Monet’s or Van Gogh’s work. Van Gogh once said “I’d rather die of passion than of boredom”, which I believe fully encompasses my philosophy towards my life. My entire life is centered around things people find snobby. I live for art and watching classic films. I love learning new languages, not to show off but because it fulfills my worldly needs. I enjoy oldies and not because it’ll make me look like a “hipster”.

If this makes me a snob then I’ll allow the labeling. I wouldn’t rather be anything other than a snob if it meant giving up what I love.