Dress Up Clothes

Dear School Board, Wearing dress up clothes in school is a way to fix problems. In school I see people wearing egregious clothes that are inappropriate. Teachers are yelling at them every day for too much cleavage or to short of shorts because they can’t tolerate it. The kids don’t get impunity from the punishment so it doesn’t stop them.

Dress up clothes is a way to fix this problem. Wearing dress up clothes helps parents save money. Clothes from stores such as, Abercrombie, and American Eagle, are overpriced. Parents are distraught with spending $40.00 on a t-shirt just because that’s what is in style.

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Dressing up will not allow there to be gangs at school due to gangs wearing certain clothes to identify themselves. Even though this is paucity in our school, it is still something that needs to be watched. Kids that don’t like the new style get made fun of in an acrimonious fashion by other students. Baggy clothes are a problem in schools. Kids can use this to hide weapons which can be pernicious to other students. Problems like this need to be elicit to teachers in the school.

Schools have problems with people breaking into the school and doing harm to the school. If all of the students are wearing the same type of clothing, they will be easy to identify. If the kids have a big problem with this they can still where any kind of clothes they want on Fridays and weekends. Wearing dress up clothes in school will help kids get ready for the working world. The point of school is to get kids ready for their job.

Wearing dress clothes will only help kids prepare. Sincerely, John