Driving to My Dream

Dreams are places that you enjoy to be welcome in. To begin your path, there are many steps you need to accomplish to success your true future. Everyone have to take hard steps and some days you would cry cause you cannot take it. But don’t give it, try something new or do something that can cure it. Fixing my promise that i had make, keeping it, not throwing it away.

My family comes first to me. It’s who would be there whenever you need to trust or learn from. Success is what they need from you and you suppose to make it happen. Learn something new from them or anyone that could get you best ideas. New family that you needed to start because that’s how life works and how i see in this world.

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Without starting one you would have stress throughout your life or do not know how to start anymore. Finding the one, can be hard at my time of age. You would never know who you would trust and love. Money is what i need but without having any education your life can be painful but it matter on the way you play it. Paying for college tuition is what scare me and studying. Becoming a auto-mechanic is who i am.

Knowing to study parts of a car, showing people how success i am now so anyone can be like me. I want to be someone that can be their model and can see the success of me. One day, i want to film people myself traveling places that other may not see before. Traveling through hard obstacles but also enjoying those times. What do i need to help on is education and time.

Getting on track with every words that mean success and maybe not. Need to be prepare myself and have time to study works that needed to be done. Money is also a problem to me because it always comes and goes. One time that my mom had told me ” save your money to something that can last your years, not something that could be use quickly.” It gives me a hit everytime i go shopping for my future.

We feel regret sometime when buying something but it’s normal in us. Chasing that college degree is a pain. It scary but you would have to slowly fight back so your dream would come true. Every step that i take i feel pain. Like it forces myself to do or i just put myself in it.

I mean it’s success that you would want for a better life in your future. Things would change like your essay that you writing. You have a example you just did that you may think wrong or little mistake. Just don’t stay there, fix it. Now i need myself to think back where the finish line is at.

I had went to a different road but the road i need to be is my dream. Maybe there’s a chances that everyone could go around that road or make a shortcut to its promise.