Yes to Driving

“Yes,” to Driving Have you ever wanted your very own vehicle to drive? Well, take advantage of your 16th birthday, and get yourself a licence! We here in Washington State have a privilege to be able to get our license once we’re 16, so take advantage of it and take the two tests and get yourself the license you have deserved all your life! I believe every 16 year old child should get their drivers license as soon as they can because of the freedom you have, the more convenient it is, and how much fun it is to drive! It all started on a cold, rainy night, my 16th birthday had come, and I was determined to get my very own drivers’ license. I had had my driver’s permit for at least 6 months, so I’d already known how to drive, but there were some problems that occurred, that kept me from the freedom I wanted to have! First of all, I did not have a car! So I had to wait… week after week, month after month passed by. I really wanted my very own driver’s license so one day I went to my mother… “Mom, When am I going to get my license? I need it!” “Josiah, you need to first pass your written and knowledge test” she said.

So from then on, I set forth, studying my 2010 Washington State driver’s manual. It took several weeks for me to get that stupid book memorized so one day, I stood up, and told my mother, “I am ready!” “Ok dear,” she said, and took me to the DMV! WE sat there for about an hour, waiting for our number to be called. As soon as we were called, I rushed to the desk and took my test. Sweat ran down my cheeks as I bit every fingernail I had down to the nub, this was the moment I was waiting for. I answered the final question and waited for the results… I passed! That night we celebrated, and a couple weeks later I took my drive. It was a piece of cake, probably the easiest test ever! As soon as I finished the drive, I had to yet again wait in the DMV for about an hour and a half until my number was called.

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Finally, it was called and I arose. I took each and every step with pride, walking to the counter. The old, shriveled up African American man took my score sheet and told me congratulations. They took my picture and gave me my license. Later that day I had to drive to my baseball practice, by myself.

It was probably the best thing ever! The freedom to drive and be free! With the wind blowing in my hair I felt like a bird, soaring in the sky! Getting my license was probably one of the most rewarding things, being able to drive to and fro, I was finally free! However, the next morning I woke up and had to take my younger siblings to school! It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but I was able to help my mother out because I had my license now. I could leave to go hang out with some friends, and then my mom would call and ask me to pick something up. So having my license wasn’t just fun, but it also gave me the chance to help my family out! As Wednesday came to a close, I was also able to drive myself to youth group. Which was awesome as well, I could take my time and get there when I wanted, not be late or anything. So not only is having my license great and enjoyable, but I’m also able to have a fun time doing it. As this experience has taught me, I think every young 16 year old teenager should get their license as soon as possible.

Having your license makes you feel free from everything, especially when its blowing in your hair and our going down the road with the music up. Furthermore, because you now have your license, it’s more convenient and you can leave to go hang out with friends (almost) whenever. You are also able to help out the family since you can drive places yourself as well. And finally, once you’ve got the license, its so much fun. It’s probably one of the most rewarding things.

I challenge you know, go out there, and get your license!