Dropping Out: Should It Be An Option

The sounds of sirens wailing fill the filthy, dark street with an invisible cloud. The citizens nearby think ,”What has happened now?”, the policemen are bored thinking ,” This happens every night”, and the suspect, a 15 year old drop out, is thinking about why he did it. Johnny, just a regular teenager, committed an armed robbery to a Shell gas station near his house and ruined his whole life in about 15 minutes and 8 seconds. If teens like this one was kept in school for 2 more years this horror story wouldn’t exist. It is imperative that graduating high school is mandatory, so that we can have a pronominal society.

The crime rate will decrease if all students are kept in school until they are 18. I adamantly believe that by this age people have been given a long enough chance to learn morals and by completing high school they will have the ability to get a good job. By having a job they will have money, so they have no reason to rob a store because they already have money. A person who has money that robs a store is like Chuck Norris needing to working out. You don’t need to steal something you already have.

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According to a recent study, conducted online 4 out of 5 people say that if school was enforced until you are 18 the crime rate will go down. Crime is one of the most detrimental things to society. It makes the people of America scared, angry, or sad and decreases the standard of living. While in school, students will learn better ethics and will be better prepared for the real world as opposed to them dropping out. If they drop out, they will have no choice, but struggle to survive and grow up to be a criminal.

Keeping a person in school until they are 18 will help the hunger and poverty rate. A recent study, taken online at Education Sector shows on average that 60% of high school drop outs is likely to end up hungry or in poverty. Finishing high school will benefit a person by helping them get a better job. Young people who don’t drop out will be able to live in better conditions, they won’t starve, and won’t be subject to the many dangers of living in poverty. There are two side effects of this benefit, the quality of life goes up and death rate goes down. We all know that poverty is a big problem in the world and America especially, if it was mandatory that students finish high school society as a whole would be a lot healthier and more productive for this country to grow and develop as a powerful nation.

This idea will be beneficial in helping the economy. When a person is able to get a well paying job this of course then gets them money. People who make money must spend money and then the money that was spent goes through this cycle again and again. When money is efficiently and steadily going through this cycle the economy is boosted. When the money is not steadily going through this cycle, like our economy now, it downfalls.

This won’t help the economy immediately but, it will have long-term benefits on it. Society desires the much needed, stronger economy and by supporting the economy, America’s government and America itself will be saved. America will be saved from the economic crisis and obesity to everything in between. I understand that sometimes it is sometimes necessary for people to drop out of high school for reasons like a pregnancy, working to help ones family, or another tragedy. My own grandmother had to drop out of high school to take care of her brother after both her parents died. I believe it is however, even in an emergency it is more important that minors stay in school until they are 18 whether there is a reason to drop out or not.

It is essential that teens finish high school. It will be beneficial for many problems and it will help forge a stronger nation. Imagine a world without worry, hunger, or homeless. The economy crisis could be repaired. Everything that comes out of this, benefits everyone. This will help society in endless ways.