Heathiest Option

Sonic Drive-In is a fast food restaurant, their milkshakes are appetizing, yet almost all of its milkshakes contain at least 1000 calories (“Sonic” 1) . In fact, the US is ranked number ten on a list of the most obese countries globally(Carlson 3). Even though it is not the among the most overweight countries on the list, America should still be concerned for its future generations. Consequently, the government is debating whether a junk food tax should be passed, instituted, and its ramifications the tax could present. Therefore, the government should pass down a tax involvingjunk food because it can increase the country’s image health, decrease the price of healthy food, and would cheapen health care.

As people get older, their health becomes a challenge, especially if in your younger years sports were not the main priority, and if junk food WAS the priority, then the person would face numerous health issues.Well with the junk food tax, the issue of people suffering from illnesses derived from excessive food would be altogether eliminated because the tax would most likely to discourage consumer, but what if you live in a country like Mexico (Picard 2)? The soda costs 6 pesos (about .32 cents) and the water cost 8 pesos (.43 cents) even though there is not that much of a difference in price, but to buy in quantity the soda would be the cheaper drink. With a junk food tax, “people [will] think twice before reaching for a can of pop before a glass of water” (Picard 3). Therefore a tax should be passed down so the water would actually be affordable, If everything is expensive then we would basically starve to death, so experts are considering making “fruits and vegetables more affordable”(Picard 3), so they would be the first choice for most consumers meaning less people with diabetes or obesity.

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If this happens then later it would, “reduce health cost by $983 million (U.S)”(Picard 1), which honestly it would make life a little bit easier. Studies have been made that,”the tax (and related intake of sugar) could save 18,900 lives, 189,300 cases of diabetes, 20, 400 strokes and heart attacks” (Picard 1). With this tax, think how many people will be able to live a longer life, and see their children grow into humans capable of making a difference in the world. A junk food tax would discourage consumption, thereby encouraging healthier lifestyles. With this tax imagine how many cases of diabetes and obesity would be extinguish, and look around… without this tax think who the next victim will be, maybe parents, siblings, grandparents, and best friends.

Maybe even your own best friend.