Ducati Case Study

Tulle system level testing Is cone Decease ten eventual use of the models will be in the commercial motorcycle industry. Thus, the engineering team should collaborate with manufacturing and follow the concurrent engineering model. Question 3: How will this impact decision making, product development, and operating structure? Switching to a modular design will help Ducats in their decision making process by focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each individual change as opposed to many all at once.

The modular design will allow for smaller development teams which can work more independently and possibly even have competing teams develop variants of a given component.

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The product development process will become more integrated company-wide even though the product itself will be less integrated and more modular. The operating structure of the Ducats environment will effectively remain the same. Debrief: Question 1: What can you take away from this case study? There are a few overall takeaways with this case.

First, effective communication done tit respect is of utmost importance to effective engineering operation. Second, the need to use tools, systems, along with human feedback, provides a balance of the use of human and mechanically collected data and is most beneficial when analyzing an operation.

Finally, a proper root cause analysis of any problem must be done before designing a solution. Question 2: What can you take away from the decision making approach? Ducats benefited from taking a step back and altering their approach, moving from integrated to modular design.

It is not easy to be without a robust design, or a reduce that can function over a broad range of conditions, but Ducats kept their organization flexible enough to be able to do so quickly and have it based on real- time results. Management is making decisions and changing approaches based on learning from past mistakes and what competitors are doing, which will only serve to enhance their product offerings in the future. Summary: Ducats was already a successful company before taking the brave step of altering a process that had been in place for years.

They had always brought in top talent, with he passion to make the company a force on the track and extremely desirable to consumers off the track. It was time to take the company to the next level and deliver consistent results on track. The engineering approach and internal collaboration led too modular design and a more flexible approach. This renewed way of design and manufacturing is a sign that Ducats will be successful for years to come not only because they can change, but because they have the leadership and personnel who are willing to take risks and put the company ahead of any personal interests.