Due Tomorrow? Do Tomorrow.

There are both pros and cons when it comes to procrastinating schoolwork until the very last minute. Some students may argue both sides, good and bad, but the question still remains technically unanswered.

However, there is clearly a superior choice. It is better to do work as soon as it is assigned. Doing work right away can help improve attitude as well as academic achievement. Throughout the ages, many students have procrastinated their work, and they have suffered the many consequences of it. It is important to do work as soon as it is assigned, because life is extremely unpredictable. Opportunities arise, and life waits for no one.

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There are few things worse than being stuck at home, doing work, when there are better places to be. Kids miss out on all the great things in life like fellowship, creativity, and love. They let their responsibilities build up until they have no time for anything else of importance. Doing homework on time, or even in advance, will prevent students from missing out on spontaneous adventures. What they fail to see is that they are not only learning in school, they are learning from their surroundings. In order for that to be accomplished, they must find time to spend in the real world.

Time control is a wonderful and helpful quality, and it will teach students to be much more productive in all aspects of their lives. Very often, students go to do their homework the night before it is due, and they have a rude awakening. They realize that it is far too much work to complete in one night. They are then left wondering why the teacher would be so cruel with their assignment load. Students are quick to place the blame on authority, and sometimes this is justifiable. However, time control is an easy solution to managing the excessive work teachers assign.

This mindset causes a plethora of superfluous stress. The students’ brains are in a state of sheer panic, which causes the stress to build up even more. This creates the illusion that time is passing non-progressively. Ironically, time is actually moving quite quickly, and that is time that the student cannot get retrieve again. Procrastinators delay until the day after tomorrow what they know they should have done the day before yesterday.

Procrastination negatively affects one’s attitude as well as their academics. Progressive procrastination can form thoughts of self-doubt in students. It makes them feel as if they are not reaching their full potential. Such thoughts threaten, not only the individuals, but also the company that they are associated with. However, many of these thoughts are accurate.

By choosing to procrastinate, students do not push themselves to do their best. Their work is subpar, and they realize that they have little to be proud of. School is an institution designed to educate the youth and instill in them a desire to grow. There is no growth occurring if a student pushes all of his or her work to the last minute. They do not grow as students or people alike. Some students do not intend to procrastinate, but it is a behavioral recurrence.

However, many students decide to procrastinate. These students choose to put off their responsibilities for a couple of reasons. One reason they do so is because they suffer from the anxiety of large amounts of work. Many students view their work as a hurdle between them and their happiness. Another reason why students choose to procrastinate is because they have personal issues with the school, teacher, or some otherwise affiliated person. They will, therefore, not do their work as an act of rebellion.

These students are harder to influence, because they are typically defiant and strong-willed. Procrastination is, and always will be, a major issue among students of all ages. There are many reasons why this is a prevalent topic, and the question that still remains unanswered is, “why do students procrastinate?” Many answers have been proposed, but the matter is still up to opinion. Procrastination causes extraneous stress and worry in a young persons life, and they should try to avoid it at all costs.