Essay on Procrastination

Did you know that procrastination effects over 20% of our human population in the United States? Procrastination can affect anyone. Procrastination means putting something of until a later time because you don’t feel like doing it. People most likely will procrastinate when they aren’t looking forward to doing something.

For example, one of my biggest difficulties is trying to do my homework without procrastinating. It really gets on my nerves sometimes when I can’t pull myself together to do my work that I need to get done. By the time I start my homework, I’m tired and have less motivation than I would have before hand. This is a bad habit for many to get into because it can effect your time management. Homework, chores and reading all create the procrastination process to occur and the only way to deal with it is to manage time wisely. I procrastinate in many ways, one being cleaning my room.

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I always have trouble getting myself to do this chore even when I know it needs to be done. One of my parent’s biggest pet peeves is a messy room; therefore I always try to keep it as neat as possible. A lot of times, I leave this chore off until my parents tell me that I need to clean it, but I know that if I would just put my clothes away and throw my water bottles in the garbage everyday when I wake up, my room wouldn’t be a mess and I wouldn’t have to stress about finding time to organize it. It’s the little things you can do to help yourself not get stressed out in the long run. By procrastinating, you’re saving all these tasks until a later time, which leaves you less and less time to get these tasks accomplished. Another way I procrastinate is reading.

I always procrastinate when I read because I don’t enjoy it. When I read I always feel as if it’s such a hassle and a waste of time. For example, when we’re assigned a reading book over summer break, I will usually save it till the last week of summer to finally start reading it. From experience, I have learned that its only more work trying to finish a whole book in a smaller time frame then to space out chapters and read a little at a time. When it comes time to reading a book, I try to read a chapter a night to stay on track and not fall behind. If I miss one night of reading, I make sure I read two chapters the next night, so on and so fourth.

This helps me stay on track to prevent procrastination from interfering. In conclusion, I have realized how much I procrastinate everyday, although I have learned ways to keep my self-motivated in order to stay on track. Procrastination takes more effort than just accomplishing your goal because of the effect it has on you when you know you need to do something. I realized that procrastination is only making your life tougher in the long run. Although you may think that putting tasks off till later will help you in the present moment, it might hurt you more than it will even help. One tip I can suggest is to always have a clear mind and get things done even before they need to be.

This will make you feel more relaxed when you finish all your tasks, and I guarantee you will look back and thank your self for accomplishing your goals.