Procrastination needs to stop at n early age

Success is based on how well an individual performs and their work ethic. A person cannot expect to be successful in life if he/she will not put in the work and determination. That’s why procrastination can be a deadly virtue to have.

The main idea of procrastination is to put off work until the last second it is due. Some people might think that procrastination is not a big deal, that if it isn’t stopped at an early phase it wouldn’t be a problem. Another argument people propose is that procrastination only happens to teenagers since their brains aren’t developed enough to see the long term consequences, poor performance in school life leading up to college, a chance of unemployment due to the lack of drive or motivation and it can affect ones health to be in a constant state of stress. It’s true that procrastination can be the cause of stress and headache in future endeavors, but it is not common in just teenagers, if not treated early procrastination can be habitual and be carried on as you mature, thus affecting adults too. A large effect of procrastination on a personal level is the fact that the body is exposed to a constant amount of stress when putting off work until the last minute. Being worried every time eventually leads up to the development of anxiety.

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This is not a healthy routine that the body can keep up with, because pressure and anxiety is dangerous if exposed to too much of it. You are easily irritated when you hustle in getting stuff done the night before it is due and the unnecessary strain of anxiety can weaken your immune system. There is a lot to deal with when the type procrastination becomes habitual. If the person carries on the virtue of procrastination it can affect more than just a steady academic life, it can also affect future employment or current work life. Since procrastinators are typically unreliable in doing any sort of important or numerous works, they will be viewed as incompetent and lazy. This will result in a possible job loss.

Work ethic is everything when talking about school or work. Even I struggle with procrastination; I sometimes put off homework assignments until the last second and get a mediocre grade on it, so it ultimately affects my overall grade when I kept doing this. That’s why I’m trying to fix if now before it gets out of hand. I’m not the only that is affected by this “disease”, there are thousands of people out there who have the same problem, but the sad thing is that only a few of those thousand will actually do something about it. Experts say that lessening the amount of procrastination everyday can help develop a sense of immunity to the action of procrastination.

A little stress is healthy for everyone, but a lot can cripple and bring anyone to their knees. A good practice of getting procrastination under control are the following; prevent anything that stimulates the brain from diverting it’s attention away from work, for example, email notifications and Facebook messaging. These kinds of distractions affect the pleasure center of our brain and pull us away from the task at hand, because we want immediate satisfaction rather than the long term satisfaction of getting work done, try doing a heavy assignment in small chunks, distributing the work load and stress on the brain and try lessening procrastination each day so that the body can get used to do the work that’s due first. Each of these steps can help lessen the amount of procrastination being done, but it is up to the person to execute it.