Easier Preparation of Food: How it Contributed to Our Lives

Raw dishes such as sushi and sashimi are good. In fact, they are considered as exclusive dishes. Yet in spite of how delicious raw food appeals to our taste, humans will not appreciate if their raw meal continues.

Now, people have become so accustomed to cooked meals that they will not be able to return to their primitive eating styles. Fire can be attributed to the easier preparation of food. Before people could handle fire, they only had access to raw food. People had to frequently hunt and often skip their meals because raw foods rotted quickly. This problem was only solved after the humans could make a good use of fire.

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After people could make a good use of fure, they cooked food and stored it for the winter. This allowed people to engage in more diverse activities and have accelerated the speed of cultural development. As they no more had to hunt day-to-day they could concentrate more on creating tools, leaving art works, and socializing with one another. Gradually, people spent more time inside their homes full of warmth and coziness. Thanks to the fact that food became less scarce, more labor could be allocated on developing the basis of our civilization. The easier preparation of food not only contributed culturally but also biologically.

Our body requires more energy to digest raw food than to digest cooked food. For the food was consumed already cooked, the human body could spend less energy on the chemical breakdown of foods. Back then, when food was not easily attainable as it is now, it was hard to get energy. Thus wasting even a minor amount of energy was very inefficient. Energy was not overwhelming inside our bodies that it could not be wasted. Cooked food eased this problem.

For less energy was spent on digesting foods, the human body used the remaining energy to evolve itself fit for the altering environments. Even now people benefit much from the development of cooking. After the problem of basic needs were solved, people began to desire for more wants. One of those were the satisfaction of their taste. They demanded for a complexity of taste and flavors. To respond to these requests, people invented new recipes; And their wants were satisfied.

Yet if food was not easily preparable, meeting these demands would have been impossible. If food was hard to prepare that it required a lot of effort, no one would have wished for such extravagances. Easier preparation of food, lead people to develop a stunning world of food culture providing us with delicious dishes such as caviar, shark’s fin and more. Creation of more convenient methods of cooking has also played a crucial role in globalization. If food could not be easily prepared, people could not have traveled across seas.

They must store food or cook during their long voyages in order to survive. Without people finding out easy ways to cook, long distance travels would not have taken place. Since these voyages which were mandatory between the continents was the first step of globalization, we would not be living in the same society that we do now if food could not be easily prepared . Easier ways of cooking has improved our lives so much that without it, we would perhaps evolved in complete different forms and persisted the living habits of the first humans. Since food has satisfied all our personal needs and wants, we should now use it help others.

We must now find ways to supply food to the third world countries even when food is now effortlessly available.