The American Education System is no longer a debate about how well or bad it really is.

There have been debates, reports, and the latest rankings with the entire world. As far as the U.S. goes, it has ranked number 37 in the world. According to Education Week, the overall ranking with all our 50 states combined, we are an average grade of “C” (76.5).

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The highest grade comes from Maryland, with an 87.8 GPA if you want to call it and the least is South Dakota with a 68.1 GPA. With that said, if we truly think deeply into why our education system is the way it is, we can have millions of conclusions and blame millions of different things. However, the one thing people except the students sometimes forget the root of all the Education problems: THE GOVERNMENT.

Sure if we choose to be open minded we can argue in favor or against, the students, the parents, or the government. Everyone has a story to tell; and they will find a way to blame it on different variations of factors. However, instead of blaming things on governments and individuals, it is time for a change in the American Education System. It is about time everyone’s voice is taken into consideration effectively. Now that the government has the power to make the changes in the system itself, they need to listen to the victims of all these problems the most and actually understand & implement the changes that students ask for if they want the U.S.

Education to ever go up in rankings. The rankings have truly messed around with the government’s mind many times because the ranking has come up in various discussions and interviews. If the government thinks they can just keep the education system the way it is, they are highly mistaken. Just think about it. It took up to earlier this year just to bring major awareness on bullying with different campaigns and the movie “Bully”. If the government has to wait for a determined person to make a movie or really “overdo” to get their voice heard to make a change in the system it will take forever for the government to make a more efficient and successful Education System.

That is why the time has come the government listens to the students. Honestly, the education is at a point where the government has become the students and the students have become the government. In my belief, it is time for the government to listen to the students and truly implement the needs of the students. Young minds think alike and they are all going through similar problems. Therefore, the students understand what change needs to made in the Education System, especially with the major problems (i.e.

bullying, standardized tests, class tests, college courses etc.) The way to go about doing this is to create a central student organization/company that is ran by student leaders with good GPA standing in each state that has direct contact with the local Board of Education government to make sure the changes are made and put into effective and good practice.