Education for your future

A Career in teaching require a masters degree, a career in law require a law degree and, a degree in General Dentistry requires at least a bachelor degree. Which major career does not require a degree? As soon as you hit High School, education is needed in developing your knowledge and the way you react with society depends on your education. Many states require children, whether they are immigrants, or they are financially poor to get a basic education.

They’re goal is for that child to receive the highest education he can get and, for him to achieve something useful in life. Education is very important in determining the future of an individual, and the way the individual interacts with society. Education will certainly change the way I plan to enter my career. I plan to graduate high school, attend a two year school, and then transfer to a four year college or university. I know that the career that i plan to pursue requires years of education, so i want to do my very best.

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The career that i want to pursue is being a FBI Agent. The Federal Bureau of Investigation requires individuals to obtain a bachelor degree from a four year accredited school in the U.S. Before becoming a Agent, you must also be accepted to the field of study program. The fields of study include accounting, law, computer & engineering, and foreign language. This is also where education comes to play.

Since the FBI is often a competitive field, they often chose the best individuals base on education status and experience. So that why, education is the best in determining what i will be and, it will help me accomplish lots of good stuff in the future.