How will being educated affect my future?

The future refers to what will happen or come in time. In so many speeches, we hear people tell us how we control our own futures and how what we do affects what our future will be. Without knowledge and education, we cannot hope to control our futures. Firstly, being educated will help me gain understanding and appreciation because I will be able to step out of my comfort zone and understand different subjects and try new paths. For instance, I may decide to study law and not be interested in studying law again because I feel like I might not be able to take on the challenge, but I still have different choices in medicine, acting, singing etc.

because then I would be open to explore new paths and still enjoy the different knowledge that I encounter. Secondly, I would have more control and better choices when making important decisions in my life because if I were not educated, I would be illiterate and be regarded upon as stupid and ignorant and I would not have a positive future. In addition, I would be able to make better choices that will help me be successful in whatever path I choose to take. Furthermore, when I get educated, I would have more control over my life. For instance, I would be regarded as an important and educated person in the society just like president Barack Obama.

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Finally, education will affect my future because I will be able to go to college so that I can have a meaningful and fruitful career in medicine. I will have different opportunities to follow my path and learn more about the study of medicine and how it is applied. Having a meaningful career will be as a result of my education and it will make me soar high in my field of study because I acquire new knowledge every day. In conclusion, education plays a huge role in my life and the society because if I am educated, I will be given much respect. Also education will decide if my future will either be negative or positive so that I can be in control of my future and my destiny.