My Future Plan

Everyone probably has a plan for their future. It’s something that we are all think about when we are talking about life in the future.

We can not tell what are lives will be like later on, but we can make a plan for it. It can be our goal that we may or may not succeed in. Our goal can be anything like a dream job, or a dream home, and it can also be something after we are done with school, like what my future plan will be. My plan is to go to college once I am done with high school, but you may be asking yourself, what is college? College is a place you go to once you’ve graduated high school. It’s basically a place to get more education by doing classes you may or may have not done any time during school before.

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You do this so that you can get a career that you want to get later on. So why should I go to college in the future? Well, I have 3 reasons on why I want to, and it’s that: it can get me the things I need, can get me a job that I want, and can help me with my other future plans. My first reason to going is that it get me the things that I need later on in my life. College can give me more education, which means that I can learn more about things that might become helpful in the future. It can help by making me more smarter than I was in School, which is a good thing.

Other things that college can get me is enough money for other things, like a home, a car, and many more. College can also get me a job that I want to do which goes to my second reason. My second reason is that it can get me a job that I want to start of with. We all have a dream job that we want but we can’t because we don’t have the education or skill to do it, that’s why we go to college because that place can educate you into knowing on what you should do once you are about to begin on working on your job. That goes to my first reason, and that it can get me more education, which is good for if I want to do a job that I want to do but I don’t have the education for it, I can have someone teach me into doing it. Getting a job is also a way of helping me with my future plans which goes to my third reason.

My third reason is that it can help me with my other future plans later on in life. Going to college isn’t my only plan that I have for my future. I have many other plans that I want to succeed in on doing but most of them might not come true unless I do one other plan which is the one I am talking about now. I think that my plan to going to college might be an important one because it could be a step to a better future for me. So what do I think about my plan for the future? Going to college is a goal that I want to succeed in life.

I’ve already told you what were my reason for why I want to go there: helping me get the stuff I need, can get me a job, and can help with other plans that I have for the future. I’ve told you what college was, which was a place that you can get more education to get a career or job that you want. I think that college is a place that can get you on the right tracks on life, and could be an important thing to do in your entire life. I do still wonder what college will be like, I think it will be like school all over again.