Planning Your Future

Here we go, why did I want to attend college? I am preparing for life after the military so I can be more successful in the civilian world.

It is crucial for me to strive for a higher standard of performance in our workforce; higher education will reflect better on me and give me the tools I need to succeed in my future career. A lot of the people in this field do not obtain higher education specific to the everyday operations of a life in real estate sales, so having this knowledge base will give me the upper hand in my market.

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I am looking to gain a positive experience from the decision I have made for myself. One positive experience I hope to take away from attaining higher education is being able to network with different types of people, and attending a university will give me that chance. I believe that creating relationships through networking would be beneficial to me and learning exactly how to connect with people on different levels whether it is age, culture, or just the diverse outlooks on life someone might come by in the wide range of situations associated with my career choice.

The feeling of self accomplishment I would achieve upon completion would be of great personal value for me to take away.

It will give me the confidence that I need to achieve my goals. Having confidence goes hand in hand with insight. I trust that having this sense of confidence and accomplishment instilled in me would give me the motivation

Growing up using technology will aid me in this endeavor while attending college through the internet. Since I was in Jr. High I have been using the internet to research problems I was having with homework or just using it to aid me in my work. Being exposed so often to learning online has, without a doubt, become an incredible benefit to me over the years.

I think it has instilled a great personal interest in continuously educating myself as well, although I am comfortable learning this way I am starting to learn that I can gain a better understanding of the information made available to me through this course. While in the Army I have acquired a considerable amount knowledge attending NON COMMISIONED OFFICER schools, which has put more systems in place that require soldiers to use technology whether it be creating power point presentations, to training on vehicles through computers, writing reports, or researching data.

I will use these skills to help me though my studies, although they are quite different, I feel that I can adapt to these changes, there are many ways to communicate with the teacher and the students so it would be fairly easy to use these skills to help me with any problems that I experience. I think about this question all of the time. What will I do to make myself successful? I know complete dedication can get me through anything.

signments and perform to the best of my abilities. Planning for the future is so important. Especially since I have a family, I need to give them something to strive for, something my kids will ook up to and the example I will set for them which is to never be conquered and that every goal is attainable. Attaining new skills will be a great asset to me in my everyday life, something that no one can take away, and something that will help me solve any problem or make the best decision that I can. Motivation I believe is the foundation for reaching any goal; it is one quality that you have to have to be successful.