Education revision

In my opinion I think education needs to be refined or at least modified. I’ve spent too many years doing the same thing. It’s almost as if everything after 5th grade has been review or just filler work pass sometime until graduation. Does it ever start feel like math has been the same material year after year just in a different room. Do you ever find yourself wondering where exactly all this math is going to take you or what are you going to solve it through the course of your life.

Its things like this that make me wonder what am I doing here right here right now. The things we teach here need to be revised or at least modified to help you survive in the real world especially now a day with a tuff economy were there used to be jobs and now there isn’t and people are losing everything just because they weren’t prepared to live in the real world were –it happens. The things we teach need to be relevant to real world situations. We can’t be haven any more of these wasteful spending especially now. For example is it really fair to pay a teacher to literally sit there and say; “Hey you guys need to sit and read all period and answer the questions when you’re done”. The following day would then consists of; “trade papers with a buddy and give yourself all good grades, as I punch them into the computer”.

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None of that, all that is a waste of time and money, which could have been spent helping kids with real problems. Which by not spending that money on the no-interaction teacher, could have been spent on a good educator that is hands and watches you do the work to determine what you are doing wrong and fixes it. This example applies to all classes not just math, because throughout my whole educational career I have seen plenty of sit here and read teachers. When the education system isn’t running so smooth I tend to daze off and lose all focus what a discussion is about or what I have been reading for the past half hour. This makes me wonder what I could have been doing right now, instead of pretending to read. Could I have been out in the real world working or starting a family? Life is short and I don’t want to spend it sitting here pretending to read when I know very well I could be out there living it up.

So if any thing lets get rid of crappy teachers and get good ones. Quality over quantity, b ut that’s just my point of view.