Mrs Haden – Educator of the Year

Mrs Shana Haden is a shining example of an educator and role model. Mrs Haden teaches four different types of curriculum and three different class levels between 8th grade english, 11th grade honors, and AP literature courses.

Over this past month Mrs Haden brought the national renown poet, Linda Tomol Pennisi, to our school to conduct a discussion of her poetry and provided free signed copies to all students present during the discussion. Mrs Haden also created the first ever Read Club which donated over 2,000 books to both the Mount Carmel Elementary school and high school. The most important aspect of Mrs Haden is her utter devotion to her students. Mrs Haden has personally changed my life forever and inspired me to continue writing my writing career. During my junior year in her honors 11 class Mrs Haden pushed me to submit my poetry to a national contest.

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My poem was then selected to be published in the Creative Community Fall 2014 Edition and I became a published poet. These examples are only a slight reflection of her remarkable work as a teacher, and inspiration. She has truly changed my life forever and pushes me to be the very best person I can become. Her classes have prepared me for my college career and life after school. Mrs Haden does not deserve this award, but has earned the recognition of her outstanding devotion to our school. She truly changes the lives of all her students, faculty, and community.