Educator of the Year 2011


Limmina is my favorite teacher that I have had so far because he is an all around great guy. He is my favorite teacher that I have had so far because he knows how to teach and had funny catch lines. One reason why I chose Mr. Limmina is because he is very funny and also one of the best teachers I know. Mr. Limmina went over everything two times or more until the whole class understood what he was teaching.

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Mr. Limmina spends many hours in the school and after school lets out. Mr. Limmina did this so he could grade his tests early and get his grades in. Mr. Limmina is a very good teacher because he was always on top of things and always prepared for class.

Mr. Limmina would stay after school every day with his students to go over any material that a student needed help with. Mr. Limmina also had a different way of teaching. He would always throw in a joke or two in his lessons to keep us listening.

Mr. Limmina would also find different ways to teach the lesson by using blocks, or games; he would also find a field trip that involved what we were doing. Mr. Limmina does everything for the St. Matthew Parish. He would have countless fundraisers to help raise money for the school, and he donated lots of things to charity, and he encourages other people to do so too.

I cannot think of how many people that Mr. Limmina has helped. I am glad that he became a teacher because it fits his personality. I think this because to become a good teacher you have to be willing to help others. Mr. Limmina would go above and beyond to help others.

I cannot think of one time that Mr. Limmia put himself before another person. He would do anything for anyone; he was just that kind of guy. You should pick my old math teacher Mr. Limmina because he has helped many people by doing his job well and donating things to charity. Mr.

Limmina always thinks about other people before himself. He would always take time out of his day to help others including me. He was always organized and had everything he needed for class. Mr. Limmina taught his students so they would be ready to go off to high school. Mr.

Limmina in my mind is one of the best teachers that I think I will ever have because of the way he bonded with his students. Mr. Limmina is one of the best guys I know, and I think that if anyone was to win Educator of the Year it should be him. I think this because he was always there for me no matter what. I also think that he is the best teacher at St.

Matthew School. I liked the way he taught; he always had the classes attention. Mr. Limmina is a very serious man that gets the job done and helped us to understand everything. He is my nomination for Teen Ink’s 2011 Educator of the Year.