Educator of the Year Essay Contest

Kathleen Bandhauer from Becker Middle School is an outstanding teacher and strategist! She always puts everyone before her and is always willing to try anything to help her students succeed. Kathleen Bandhauer is truly the educator of this year and every year to come. Mrs. Bandhauer has a very different style of teaching. Instead of teaching us to just write, she teaches us to dig down deep to find a topic that speaks to us.

She treats us like her kids and never lets a kid fall behind. To all of her students she is not just a teacher, but also a second mom. Mrs. Bandhauer is involved in so many school activities it would take me an entire day to write them all. She is the director of the National Junior Honor Society at Becker, she attends all of the meetings and gets all the information we need.

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Mrs. Bandhauer is a learning strategist which means she is in charge of our school’s staff development days, she has control over parent meetings, she teaches other teachers strategies for learning, and works with other strategist all over the district. Mrs. Bandhauer is also a Writing Academy teacher. She takes the best writers in eighth grade at Becker and challenges them to go past their boundaries.

Being apart of the National Junior Honor Society, Mrs. Bandhauer takes part in multiple community services. For example we did the Hope of Southern Nevada charity. In this event we went to Target and bought Christmas presents for a less fortunate family that wouldn’t have a Christmas. Mrs.

Bandhauer takes part in a lot of community service projects and is always willing to give back. Mrs. Badhauer has done a lot for me, my class, and the entire school; she pushes me past my limits of not just my writing but also my thinking. Thanks to her I have the courage to step outside the box. She has only ever wanted the best for my class. She helps us strive for greatness and never gives up.

Everyday she encourages us to THINK! For the school she goes above and beyond. She decorates the gym for awards night and takes care of the whole schools Reading Plus homework. She is truly a super-teacher! Kathleen Bandhauer has done nothing but put her time and effort in to her work. I have never had a teacher help me, in an entire school year, as much as Mrs. Bandhauer has, in half a year. She is truly amazing; there are literally no words to explain how much she means to me.