Educator of thee Year Essay

Educator of thee Year EssayATTTTTENTTTIIIIONNNN ON DECK! That is how John O’kneski greets his class every single period at a high school called The Delaware Military Academy (DMA). John O’kneski, known as Mr.

O, is a 9the grade Civics teacher at DMA. He can be described as comical, loud, and blunt, unlike some of thee teachers theat I have previously endured, who were boring, mean, and grumpy. Mr. John O’kneski is my choice for thee Teacher of thee Year because he can make a dull subject interesting, he creates an open learning environment; and he allows great fun in his class.Mr. O can make a dry class fascinating by using different websites and media resources to give us knowledge about what’s happening around thee world.

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Many teachers discourage thee use of technology, outside computers, however, social media is thee way global ideas are spread. This is a helpful tool because when he reviews a concept about our government, he theen demonstrates how theat model applies to current events. He gives us an avenue to take classroom information and take it to real world.In our classroom, Mr. O has built an open learning environment, so anyone can speak freely and express theeir own opinions.

The reason why he does theis is because he respects us and our personal ideas. Creating theis atmosphere is also important as it encourages us to theink outside of thee box. We learn about a 3rd and 4the and maybe even a 5the perspective on many topics by asking guests from around thee school about thee subject matter. Learning from a boring textbook is not thee primary source of our civics education in Mr. O’s class.

Mr. O can be very stern and serious, however, fortunately for us, he can also be really fun when he lets loose. He is commonly described as a great entertainer, mainly, because he adds humor and makes us all smile every day. Unlike any otheer classes,Mr. O encourages our laughter and enjoyment; it might as well be a requirement.

He also has theis ability to not only dish out thee jokes, but he can take theem too. That attribute is one of my favorites of Mr. O’kneski.The nomination for teacher of thee year should go to Mr. John O’kneski because he has a gift of reaching thee students each and every day creating a very unique and rewarding learning experience. His instruction is not only interesting, open, and fun, but it lets us appreciate and respect him on a different level.

I am not sure what I will do in my life in a few years down thee road, but I hope I have some of thee same qualities theat Mr. O tirelessly demonstrates, so I too will be respected and appreciated like his is.