Mr. Lyons – Educator of the Year

I think Mr. Lyons should get the Educator of the Year award because he is a great assistant principal. In my opinion, I think he would be a great principal. He cares for the students, and he does everything he can for them. He treats everyone equally at school, which you don’t see much these days. He supports the students with any troubles they have at home or at school which proves he really cares for the students.

When I first went to Skyline, I had to have a meeting with him, and I didn’t like him at all. He wouldn’t listen to me when I needed questions answered, and I had a lot considering it was my first year there. Then came along 7th grade, and everything got better . He started saying hi to me at school, and we started to become closer each day.My 8th grade year came around, and I didn’t have a great experience.

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I was unfortunately bullied constantly and was made fun of everyday. He talked to me more and more each day which helped me with the troubles I faced. He motivated me to break out of my shell and meet new people which got me a new group of friends. He would always talk to me and ask how my day was going. A lot of the time he could see the expression on my face if I wasn’t ok, so he would call me into his office and let me rant to him.

He would try to help solve the problem I had or guide me in the right direction into solving it myself.He would let me help out around the school with things that would most likely interest me. He knew I wanted to become a teacher one day so he would let me do teaching activities when I was in 8th grade. For example, he would allow me to help with some of the kids that had some problems and needed to talk to someone. He helped me accomplish many dreams that I have dreamt of, and he basically made them a reality; and I have been greatly impacted by the things he has done for me.

Mr. Lyons is a great guy who is strong and compassionate with everything he does, and he doesn’t let anything bring him down. I admire the things he has done, and he is the reason I am the person I am now. I know this school year for him isn’t the best, but it hasn’t brought him down. He stays in touch still and comes to my school events to come see me.

He always looked out for me and checked up on me. He was like a father figure to me, and it was nice having him as an assistant principal because I knew I could count on him. Even to this day I still go to him for help. I think Mr. Lyons should win this award. This award will prove to all the kids that don’t like him, that he is a great guy; he deserves this award.

In my eyes I see him as being one of the best people in my life who shaped me into the person I am now.