Miss Schneider – Educator of the Year

“Attention on deck, Buenos Dias.” And the class answers Buenos Dias senorita.

I pick Miss Schneider for Educator of the Year because she understands what she is teaching, she cares about everyone’s grade, and she has a great personality; she loves her job.First, Miss Schneider understands what she is teaching, and she knows how to make us understand. For example, it is easy to learn in her class because she goes into depth in what she is teaching. She also gives multiple assignments that help’s with tests/quizzes. Such as wordplay, which is an online Spanish matching game. We also have multiple worksheets, handouts, and packets that helps what we went over in class.

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We also do hands on activities, we have three soccer balls and on each square there is a verb from our verb worksheet. Someone throws the ball to another cadet and when they catch it you have to tell them to say the verb any conjugation. If we were to have a quiz or a test, we would see an outline and the worksheets we would have to study that would be on the test. She also gives us a packet that is similar to the test so we can be prepared.Secondly, she cares about everyone’s grade.

For example, she makes sure everyone can understand the material by offering students after school tutoring if they’re struggling. If we did not do our wordplay she gave us an assignment over our Thanksgiving break to do 90 minutes of wordplay for 40 total points to our grade, in my case I had to do this, and it helped my grade so much. She also makes sure where everyone is on the topic we are doing. For example, we were doing conjugation, and we had a pop quiz so she could see where everyone was, but even better it didn’t count for a grade. So for the next few classes she was making sure everyone could understand.

Thirdly, she has a great personality, and you can tell she loves her job. She has a great sense of humor; she is not one of those plain textbook and pencil teachers. She is great with the cadets in her classroom. She knows how to keep a cadet awake in her class by making the activities and classes fun. She loves her job because of the effort she puts into it; she’s not a teacher who doesn’t care what goes on in the class.

She makes sure there is a sense of discipline and etiquette in the classroom. If you’re doing something in the classroom she doesn’t like, she will let you know. She always wants the cadets in her classroom to pay attention to her teachings so nobody falls behind in class work and or homework.You can obviously see that Miss Schneider is a great teacher. She cares about the kids, she knows what she is teaching, and lastly and most importantly she has a great personality. She is always on the go, hands on, and into her teaching.

Her classes aren’t boring they are fun and energetic. For these reasons I pick Miss Schneider for the Educator of the Year award.