Mrs. Stein-Jackter – Educator of the Year

I remember eight months ago as I anxiously awaited my new schedule for junior year, and I wondered like every other kid my age if I would have a “good teacher.

” Luckily as it turns out this has been my favorite year yet; all my teachers have been amazing and I have genuinely enjoyed going to my classes despite the junior year workload. I feel that one teacher especially has made an impact on my life: my 11H English teacher Mrs. Stein-Jackter. I remember walking in on the first day of school and I immediately knew I was going to enjoy her class. She had, and continues to use the perfect amount of sarcasm with us students, and I immediately knew I would like having her because if you know me I am the walking definition of sarcasm. I have never felt overwhelmed with my workload in her class which is an ease to the junior year stress load.

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However, if I happen to procrastinate the occasional book annotation she is always understanding of us and our lives outside of school. If anyone looks even the slightest bit upset she will pull us aside and ask if we are okay and would want to talk, but doesn’t probe at us if we don’t want to. She will give us a piece of candy if we have a bad day or a hug and it makes everyones moods better. She has that motherly instinct and cares about each and everyone of her students like she does her own. For instance, I was recently out of school with walking pneumonia for two weeks and the day I came back to school was too soon, but I had to force myself to go because missing two weeks is like missing a lifetime of work in junior year time. Stein was the only teacher that noticed that I wasn’t feeling well and wanted me to go home and rest.

She understood how much work I had to make up and how far behind I was falling and offered extensions on my work that was due which really helped me out because at that point I was drowning in stress. She demonstrates that she cares about her students mental and physical health and helps us out as much as she can. With learning as well, she makes class fun and engaging where I actually want to learn about English literature. English has never been my best subject, let alone favorite subject, but I make it an effort to attend her extra helps because I know she can help me improve my writing and grow as a student. Stein creates a connection with her students where you want to learn, and everytime I walk into her class I’m always put into a better mood, and if that doesn’t say something about her as a teacher I don’t know what does.