Mrs. Casetta – Educator of the Year

Mrs. Casetta.

What can I say about her that is not good? She is the highlight of my high school career and I enjoyed every second in her U.S history class.Even though she is an outgoing person, she did not let that get in the way of being a fabulous teacher. I have learned the most out of her class than I ever will for any classes. Her style of teaching and her personality combined for some potent learning. I clearly remember her helping me on fully understanding every inch of history during the WW I era.

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She stayed after school for my desire for learning about history for hours.She was always ecstatic when I asked questions during class, showing that I was truly interested and willing to learn. I was never a good writer and she knew this, although she preferred the essay tests over multiple choices, she made sure I was prepared enough to come up with proper answers and if I missed the question she and I would talk about the questions after school until I understood.She keeps students involved with videos and, she makes students think about their ideas to a more in an in-depth level.After having Mrs. Casetta as a U.

S history and Political science teacher, she made me understand history and politics are truly not bad. She made me understand them, but not as a skim and do the lesson plan understanding, she stayed on that topic till I got it 100 percent. The way she taught she made sure I got the topic before she moved on. She left no one behind even if it would take the whole class period… she never gave up. My U.S history teacher, Sue Casetta, should be the teacher of the year.