Mr. Bingham – Educator of the Year

It all started from walking into an English classroom my sophomore year at John Dickinson high school. The classroom had posters of Greek mythology, Shakespeare, every major sports team logo in Pittsburgh with magazine and newspaper articles with those teams from the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, and Panthers. From there I realized how much he was into literature and sports which to me was a connection because I’m into those things.His name is Mr.

Bingham a fairly young teacher late 20’s possibly early 30’s. His appearance to me was guy that was a teacher by day and at night was a part of grunge band. He reminded me of a hockey player because of his beard which to me is his trademark because he rocks it all year round’. Not saying that it was long or out of control, It was taken care of it was one of those no shave November beards. He wasn’t an uptight teacher who always dressed professionally with a suit or tie. Nope that wasn’t his style more laid back but still professional.

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I couldn’t quiet put my finger on his style but it was cool to me and different from the other teachers.In terms of being a good teacher I think he was passed good he was a great teacher. His teaching methods were really just for him to explain the lesson other than that if we were reading story it was up to you to find the moral of the story. He didn’t really pull any punches when it was time to get serious with work the class got serious. The intellectual part of Mr. Bingham is what I find fascinating about him.

He was open-minded and opinionative, and I agreed with most of his opinions because he backed them up so well. He was like and average guy who went to college and was a fan of sports, but if you had a conversation with him about anything Politics, Sports, Literature, etc. you would see how smart he was and his views of the world today in any category. So he was way more than your average Joe or teacher because he shared his thoughts with you and was so open-minded about everything.He became one of my favorite teachers because of those reasons me being able to talk about Literature, Sports, or my point of views.

I nominate him for teacher of the year because he’s a great teacher and an even better person. I’m sure plenty of other students have written in the past about this particular teacher at my high school and they’ll probably agree with me. Whether it’s from his explaining to you about how Shakespeare thought or telling you his thoughts on your NCAA tournament bracket. For me I appreciate Mr. Bingham and all he’s done for me and past students who agree with his teaching methods and his knowledge.

So in conclusion to this essay those are the reasons why my former English teacher Mr. Bingham deserves Educator of the Year. Don’t catch offense that he’s a Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan but look past sports. This award is about teachers being good at their jobs because they don’t get a lot of kudos. And stop and take a minute or two to get to know your teacher.