Effects of Nonviolent Protest

Do you ever wonder why things are not the same as the used to be? One reason would be the nonviolent protest that had some good and bad effects. The effects of the protest were things like increased risk, financial problems and all so the change of government policy. By the end of reading this essay you should know and understand effects from the nonviolent protest. The first of the effects of nonviolent protest is the increased risk people involved with the protest faced.

People that would be involved with the protest were often attacked like during the Selma marches. “The police then attacked the marchers with clubs, whips and tear gas.So many were injured that day that it became known as ‘bloody sunday’.” (Murphy 3). During the nonviolent protest the people in the marches were at risk of being injured or even killed.

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“Three white ministers were beaten by segregationists—that is, people who support racial segregation. One of the ministers, James Reeb, died two days later.” (Murphy 4). the attacks and death just shows how even with people not being violet the others who don’t like what it is they are doing will respond in a violent way hurting people that just want a change. Another at risk thing that would happen the the protesters was that they were arrested and their homes being firebombed like during the Montgomery bus boycott. “Some protesters were arrested or attacked.

King’s house, among others, was firebombed.”(Murphy 4). once again this shows the violent response to the nonviolent protesters and how much rick it was for them to be apart of them. Secondly there was financial problems that came as an effect from the nonviolent protest. some protest like the Montgomery bus boycott caused there to be financial problems in the town.

“Losing so many regular passengers on its buses caused financial problems for Montgomery.”(Murphy 4). When many people that would take a bus did not take the bus the bus lost money making problems with money come up. the effect might not have fully effected just the people in the protest but the town they were protesting against. The bus boycott was not only but of many protest that caused financial problems, there was also the same type of effects during the Woolworth sit-in.

“In the following days, more African American protesters, as well as white supporters, joined the campaign. More than 1,000 people participated in the sit-ins. The protests then spread to segregated lunch counters at other stores and restaurants in Greensboro” (Garrow 3). It might not jump out and say there was financial problems as an effect but there was so many people that would go in and fill the seats and not buy any thing which can lead to loss of money since there was no room for people to sit and eat. the protest also spread which would make the same type of problems for many places. so as it can be seen there are effects that don’t just affect protesters but the places they take place in.

Last but not least we have the effect that the protesters take all the risk for, the change in government policy. The people in the nonviolent protest all want a change like in the March on Washington participants wanted to get the civil rights bill passed. “Afterward, Kennedy proposed strong laws to protect the civil rights of all U.S. citizens.”(Murphy 5).

Latter on the bill was passed. Another protest that help with the passing of the civil rights act was the woolworth sit-in, the people in this protest was against segregation in public facilities and the effect of it was what they were wanting. “Four years later, in 1964, passage of the Civil Rights Act banned the segregation of public facilities”(Garrow 4). This was only the larger part of the sit ins but before the act was passed woolworth changed the policy for the lunch counter. “On July 25, Woolworth integrated its Greensboro lunch counter.”(Garrow 4).

All of the effects from the sit-in,s and the march on washington had an lasting effect on america and many people. They helped with the passing of the civil rights act which helped make things more equal to all people. Along with the passing of the civil rights act there was more changes to policy. Another change was from the selma marches, they were protesting and trying to get the right for blacks to vote without the testing that was put there to make them not be aloud. The protest helped to not only pass the voting rights act but to help with more black officers being elected.

“The act gave the vote to hundreds of thousands of Southern blacks who had never voted. It also led to a large increase in the number of African American elected officials.”(Murphy 5). The people that were involved with the protest all had the hope of making a change and they did. the effects that are most likely the better part of the effects the nonviolent protest can have is the change in government policy.

In this case the change in peoples rights who have the same rights as everyone else. So there as can be seen effects from the protest that are indeed good and bad. there is the risk the people are taking to make a change, the money problems that can come up in many protest and the change that the people wanted in the government. All of the protest are part of why things have changed in america over time. Just think how different things would be without the effects of the protest.

Not everyone would be treated the same or have the rights they deserve. America would not be the same place we call home today. We can thank the people who risked their rights and safety to make a change in the place we know and love today.