Noughts and Crosses’ Protest Newspaper Report

Mock Newspaper After the Cross Government allowed a small number of Enough children to attend Cross Private Schools throughout the country as a apart of the “Enough Benefit Package”, protests were staged across all schools that had accepted the Nougats to become a part of the daily education program of a typical teenage Cross. Many Cross students throughout the country expressed their negative views on the Nougats Joining In their learning community by surrounding the front gates of their schools, shouting with signs and posters once the Nougats had arrived on the first day of school this year.

The Heatproof High School protest was the largest in comparison to the other protests across the country, having around 65 students Join the “Honk Veto Group” in their rally. Cross students held signs and posters saying things such as “No flankers allowed” as well as chanting “No Flankers in our school” repeatedly. The Cross Police Force were already prepared for such an event due to the negative behavior students were portraying when it was announced that Nougats would be attending their school the following year. The protest started to get out of hand when the four Nougats attending Heatproof had entered the school premises.

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Police were on top of all the occurrences at all times and escorted the Nougats through the school gates. The daughter of Mr. Hadley, a presidential candidate, stood at the school doors and made an announcement saying that the protesters were behaving like animals and flankers. After this, the mob slowly began to depart from the venue, disappointed in themselves and shocked at Miss Hadley behavior and attitude. A bystander told “The Black Star Times” that the Police, with the help of Miss Hadley, took care of the incident very well and no one was harmed during the event.

The headmaster of Heatproof High School, Mr. Coors was shocked and ashen with what had happened. He exclusively talked to “The Black Star Times” about his feelings towards the protest. “I was very surprised to see such a mob gathered outside my school. Police were all over the place, I thought that someone must have been injured by how violent everyone was behaving but thankfully no Crosses were hurt.

If It wasn’t for the Nougats none of this would have happened and I am very disappointed In them. The occurrence has given the Nougats a bad look at the school. All four Nougats continued the day as usual.

Miss Hadley took care of the incident well and I commend her on that. Without her everything could have gotten out to hand.

” In the future, it is likely that more protests like these will happen throughout the time that the Nougats continue to be educated in Cross Private Schools across the country. The incident has not generated any sympathy for the Nougats therefore it will probably not make any positive difference to the way the Crosses view the Nougats. The Crosses have only developed more hate towards the Nougats. It is hard to predict where this will all lead but from what has happened things can only get worse.