English 4

Studying is a whole life business. No matter if you are in college, a university or finding a job, we are always studying.

However, there is a little bit difference among them, studying in college or university, we put most of our effort in books, examination marks, etc. We don’t need to worry about the outside world since we have parents to take care of us. We can distribute our time more freely. After high school, we are mostly seventeen or eighteen. Our experience about the society is too young. Keeping a job is a bit harsh for us, therefore, if we go to college or university we have more of a chance to recognize our society.

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We have more time to think about our future before we get onto the field that we may not suit for. A year later, our mind should widen, then, deciding our future will be more suitable. Moreover, taking a job after high school does have some advantage, you will be accumulating experience. You cannot recognize your world while you are sitting in a closed door room, you have to go out of the room, touch by hands and see by eyes. Up to date knowledge won’t be found or read in books, you have to experience and face these yourselves.

To conclude, taking a job after high school, college, or university does have advantages and disadvantages. You have to think very carefully before you make the decision whether you prefer, background knowledge or if you prefer to collect the experience and knowledge within the society and getting hands-on.